What Kind of Rummy Player Are You

What Kind of Rummy Player Are You?


Every person has a unique personality, which makes us who we are. Believe it or not, it influences every aspect of our lives, including how we interact with people, what we do for a living, what type of company we prefer and even how we play rummy online

Online rummy is an exhilarating card game where players exhibit a typical behavior. They display certain traits and characteristics that distinguish them from other players at the table. It is very common to find a wide array of players who can be categorized into certain types. 

When you learn to identify and differentiate between types of players, you can target your opponents and form better strategies to beat them in real cash rummy games. So read on as we define some common types of rummy players and their traits below.

  1. “The New Guy”

We all know that new employee at the office who needs proper guidance about the ins and outs of the workplace. Similarly, we all start out as a beginner in online rummy games. During the initial stages of playing, you may struggle with the basics of the game, such as making sequences and sets. Moreover, when you play with experienced players, they may beat you within seconds. Thus, it is important to get a good grip on your basics before playing real cash rummy games.

  1. “The Serious One”

You surely must have encountered several serious people in your life. Similarly, you may come across serious players in online rummy games too. For them, rummy is more than just a game as they remained focused until the end. Winning is their top-most priority and you cannot divulge them from their goal. They are very serious and do not like to be talked to or disturbed during the game. Be very careful of such players as they can beat you within the blink of an eye!

  1. “The Relaxed One”

We all have that one care-free person at our college or office, who always seems relaxed and stress-free. You may find such relaxed players at rummy tables too. These players are aware of the rummy rules and concepts, tips and tricks and game strategies. However, they don’t really worry about their game play. They play online rummy games only for entertainment purposes and enjoy the game to the fullest, without worrying too much about the outcome of the game. 

  1. “The Bluff Master”

Bluffing is a common trait in online rummy players. However, some players tend to be experts at it. These bluff masters can trick their opponents to drop the game or even discard the cards that they need. They can also trick them into believing that they have arranged their cards into sequences even when they do not have all the required cards. It is important to be mindful of such players and keep a close watch on them.

  1. “The Hustler”

If you are a beginner in online rummy games, you should be careful of the hustlers. These players are always on to something and they are very impatient while playing the game. Moreover, they can surprise you by declaring their cards within a few moves. The hustlers do not give away any hints during the game.

  1. “The Rule Book”

There are many players who always play by the rule book. Similarly, in online rummy, you might come across players who always swear by the rules. They detest beginners for their lack of knowledge and hustlers for their impatient nature. When a dispute occurs, these players are on their toes with the rule book. You cannot really question their knowledge of the game.

  1. “The Multi-Tasker”

Some rummy players tend to be excellent at multitasking. These players are good at playing rummy while doing other tasks, such as cooking and cleaning. They can also play incredible moves while taking calls or replying to their emails. It comes naturally to them as they multitask in real life too.

  1. “The Desk Player”

There are many players who love to play rummy online on their desktop or laptop. Whenever there is an upcoming tournament or a cash game to play, they are ready with a bowl of snacks or a cup of coffee to showcase their skills at the table. They manage to bring their A game to the table and give it their best shot.

  1. “The Washroom Player”

These players gleefully enjoy online rummy games while using the restroom. This is because they are alone, which enables them to think clearly during the game. Moreover, a lot of people often come up with great ideas in the washroom. So it is quite exciting to see such players utilizing their time in the restroom by playing rummy games.

So what kind of rummy player are you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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