Vacation or Game of Rummy

What’s Better: A Vacation or a Game of Rummy?


It’s that time of the year when kids are back at school and adults are ready to plan a vacation, all by themselves. But there are a lot of factors that we need to consider before planning a vacation. That might be harder than the idea itself. So we’re listing out a few reasons why we think a game of Junglee Rummy might be better than taking a trip!



The first step is charting out a plan for the vacation you’re going to take. The location, weather, logistics, flight tickets – getting everything right can be quite a pain. So we suggest you download the Junglee Rummy App instead of a hotel booking app as this needs no planning! It’s that simple! You just download, register and play challenging games of Rummy Online!



Going on a trip can cost you quite a lot – the hotel booking is something that takes up a lot of the budget and then there is the pain of booking the cheapest flight out! Guess what? You can make a deposit as low as Rs. 500 and get a chance to win lakhs! So why don’t you register for a game of Online Rummy and win some cash instead of spending some!



One of the most challenging parts of going on a vacation is that ‘walk of shame’ to the boss after sending an email requesting for leave. There’s always that moment when you rethink your decision just so that you can save yourself that humiliation. Guess what? You can play a challenging game of Junglee Rummy while you sit in your office and avoid all those unnecessary questions from your boss and also encash your extra leaves at the end of the year!

Now that we have listed out 3 big reasons why playing Rummy online is a better option, why don’t you hop on to one of our tables and take a mini break from right where you’re sitting?

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