Which Superhero does Your Rummy Style Make You?


We all know that playing Rummy is all about skill, patience and a little bit of aggression. You should play using the style that resonates with you the most. We did a whole article on the different kinds of Rummy styles a few months ago. You can read it here. Now we’re going to help classify those and help you choose which Superhero your Rummy playing style makes you.

So are you ready to relive your childhood fantasy and find out which Superhero you are? Read on!


We all know that Thor is known for his impulsive decisions. He can be easily tricked but at the end he turns out to be the winner. So if you’re one of those Rummy players who get a bit baffled with the kind of moves that your opponent is playing, then you resemble him the most. But when Thor makes an impulsive decision, he does his best to fix it at the earliest. If you’ve played a Rummy move too soon, then you need to be sure how to rectify it and emerge as the winner by the end of it. Isn’t that what online Rummy is all about anyway? 


His wolf-like senses are what Logan is known for. He is one you can’t mess with. He is calculative but at the same time he is aggressive, so you have to be very careful about messing with a player who is quite like Wolverine. If being slow initially is your tactic and then playing a big move when you’re absolutely sure that you’re going to win the game, then you’re just like him! Playing Rummy online is all about being careful and being sure of where your move is going to take you. 


Similar to Thor and Wolverine, Hulk is known for his impenetrable strength and impulsive decisions, but he is a force to be reckoned with. A player who uses only their aggression to play their Rummy moves is much like Hulk. Being an aggressive Rummy player is fine as long as you know what you’re doing. You will play your hand fast and weak havoc on the other players by giving the impression that you know exactly what you’re doing (which you do!).


If you’re a nervous, passive player, then you’re exactly like everyone’s favorite new hero Flash! Flash is the new kid on the block who is being trained under the leadership of Batman and has been quite a menace-creating newbie who likes to have fun while saving the world. A passive player loves to enjoy his time while playing a game of Rummy while adopting a good enough strategy. You can be a passive player and still win the game if you adopt a good strategy. Even if you are the one who plays Rummy for relaxing after a stressful day, you can still win big in the game.


If you’re an Avengers fan, then you’ve been mourning the death of Iron Man ever since the last movie was released. But we all know that he is one that can’t be forgotten. Just like him, if you’re a Rummy player who has spent years perfecting their technique and built a winning strategy, then you’re just like everyone’s favorite hero, Iron Man! If you’re ready to play a hand on the basis of your experience and all the things that you’ve learnt over the years playing Rummy online, then you are a sure-shot winner.

Now that we’ve listed out 5 Superheroes, who do you think you resemble the most in your style? Above all, playing Rummy online is all about skill and aggression. Your knowledge plays a vital role in the game, and if your technique and playing style is unique, then that makes you your own superhero. So hit the tables and play a challenging game of Junglee Rummy now. 

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