Why Card Games Hold a Prominent Place in Our Daily Routine


Ever wondered why not a single day passes by without you using any sort of cards? Card games have become an integral part of our daily lives and we find ourselves having a round of game every now and then. With the evolution of technology, playing card games like rummy has become much easier, and entertaining as well as profitable.

After meeting a bunch of adults and youngsters, we have found out several reasons why cards hold a prominent place in our daily routines. Here is the list of the most common ones. Read on and list yours in the comments section:

Easy portability

Be it in the form of a mobile application like Junglee Rummy or a deck of cards in your pocket, playing card games is much easier than any other board games. A deck of cards can easily fit in your pocket or even in a small purse. It can be easily opened up anywhere and played without needing any additional space. It is observed that card games are most popular with travelers for the same reason, easy portability.


We all are running short on time always. Opening up an elaborate set-up for a game sounds like a tedious job. We look for something that is simple and quick. Card games fulfill these conditions as they just need a shuffle and you’re ready to play a game of your choice. Moreover, unlike other games that take the long time to end, one easily forgets where they were if they take a short break. Card games don’t have any such problem. You can easily play for a few minutes or a few hours as per your need and desire.

Adaptability and informality

Card games like rummy are folk games, and people have been playing them for centuries with rules being passed on from generation to generation. Now, most of the online card games come with different levels, which helps one to scale up or down the difficulty level as per their choice. One can challenge their opponents as well as play tournaments as per their liking. The sort of flexibility and informality card games carry along is one of the reasons for their popularity with all age groups.

Balance of chance and skill

Card games like rummy are skill games as managing a hand of cards requires skill and mathematical calculations. A hand can’t be played well with mere chance or luck. Card games offer a reasonable balance of chance and skill. Thus, the practice and skills of players are of great importance as their actions actually control the outcome of the game. 

Element of Mystery

You must have seen that in board games, every player is aware of the possible moves of every other player. Play a board game and as soon as you will roll a dice, and everyone else can see what’s going on and can anticipate whether you’re close to winning or losing the game. With card games like rummy, there is a layer of mystery. You are thrilled to learn what’s going to happen after your or anybody else’s move. The mystery keeps the game interesting and intriguing as one is unaware whether they would stay in the game or go out.

Ease and enjoyment of conversation

Whatever be the occasion, card games easily make their way into the celebration. Every round of the game is accompanied by some clever jokes, witty one-liners, and generation-old puns and stories. When there is a group of youngsters playing cards, different levels of jokes and teasing remarks are traded on the tables which contribute to a unique sense of camaraderie. Card games like rummy facilitate easy and no-pressure conversation which strengthens as well as builds new bonds.

A unique element of competition

For generations, a lot of issues have been settled over a hand of cards. For men, card games are symbolic representations of their vigor and masculinity. Card games like rummy are actually a medium for the expression of their conquests in the emblematic form. It’s been seen that men also associate winning a card game as a basic quest for manhood and honor. For them, the requirement of strategy, the element of risk and the final reward sum up the fun and spice which they need to complete a competition, which otherwise could be a boring or pernicious activity.

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