Grand Rummy Playground-II

Win from ₹20 Crores in the Grand Rummy Playground-II


It is possibly the best time of the year 2020. The cricket season is back, and we’re bringing you the brand-new season of the Grand Rummy Playground. Brace yourself for 53 days of endless fun and thrill at the rummy tables in the second edition of the Grand Rummy Playground.

All you’ve to do is play regularly at your favorite rummy tables. You can win a number of cash prizes and exciting merchandise, including luxury cars, a Royal Enfield motorbike, iPhone 11 sets, MacBook, and much more.

Experience the Power of 20 

The Grand Rummy Playground II is the biggest gaming event in India, with a ₹20 crore prize pool. We are ready to bowl everyone with multiple delightful offers, including the Player of the Match, The Player of the Series, Rummy Super Fans, Half-Century Bonus, Big Hitters Bonus, Free Hit Bonus, Rummy Scorecard, and Bonus of the Day. Apart from these, you can participate in the grand ninth edition of the Rummy Premier League, which has a total prize pool of 10 crore rupees and a grand finale prize pool of 2 crore rupees.  

Win Big with Our Exciting Offers 

In the Grand Rummy Playground-II, everyone is invited, and we have some exciting promotions that will keep you hooked on the game. We all have seen and applauded the “Player of the Match” and “Player of the Series” during cricket matches but now you have the chance to become one too. All you have to do is play daily during the match hours. As you rank up on the leaderboard, your chances to win from Rs. 1 lakh and become the Player of the Match increase.

The most thrilling matches will be played at the tables for the Player of the Series contest. It gives you a chance to win an all-new Honda City, Harley Davidson Street, Royal Enfield, Macbook Air, and many more prizes. For this, you have to be in the top 50 players on the leaderboard and play daily at your favorite rummy tables during the promotion hours. Isn’t that simple but super fun!

Big Hitters is another promotion which we have got for all the rummy and cricket enthusiasts. We understand it’s pleasing to watch your favorite player hit a 4 or 6 on the field but imagine how great it would be if you get an instant cash equivalent to every 4 and 6 hit in the match. Yes, as the players on the ground hit fours and sixes, the player at the table will get instant cash bonuses of Rs. 4 and Rs. 6 in their account. It’s time to celebrate cricket with rummy! So don’t forget to play rummy, especially during match hours.

You talk about rummy all the time but are you a rummy super fan? If so, it’s time to don the cape of the Rummy Super Fan at the online rummy tables of Junglee Rummy. Participate in the race to be the rummy super fan and play daily to start a streak. You have to play every day till 10th November 2020 during the match hours to unlock exciting daily bonuses. Maintain your streak till the end and be the Rummy Super Fan of 2020 and win Rs. 1 lakh!

Track Your Performance in the Playground

We want you to win the maximum number of prizes in the 53 days of rummy and cricket celebrations on the playground. To keep you updated on your status, we have got the Rummy Scorecard. Log in to check out your position in all the ongoing rummy challenges. It will give you a clear idea of your performance: bonuses availed, your rank on the leaderboards, and much more. It is an easy way to track your progress and winnings in the Grand Rummy Playground-II.

We have talked about only a few exciting promotions running on the Junglee Rummy website and app. You can log in to your account or visit The Grand Rummy Playground-II Promotions to find all the other details and make the most of the big bonanza. There’s something for everyone on Junglee Rummy now: get entertained, increase your loyalty points, win big cash prizes, and ride home in a brand-new car! It’s your turn to open the rummy app, log in to PLAY! SCORE! WIN! REPEAT!

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