Winners Share Their Experiences with Junglee Rummy

Winners Share Their Experiences with Junglee Rummy


Junglee Rummy is an amazing online rummy platform trusted by millions of users in India. We have over 20 million registered players and we are growing stronger day by day. We provide a stellar gaming experience and have everything that you are looking for in a rummy game. 

To begin with, there are lots of rummy tournaments and cash games available on the platform. You can play these games and win mind-blowing cash prizes worth lakhs and crores! And that’s not all. We have integrated the latest technologies for a seamless user experience. The HD graphics and the user-friendly interface will give you a thrilling feeling of playing the game in a royal club. 

We have always prioritized user satisfaction and we never fail to cater to our players’ needs. If you have any issues or questions regarding rummy or our platform, you can connect with us at any time. We have a highly motivated team of dedicated professionals who work 24X7 to resolve all your queries promptly. 

That should be reason enough to download our app and start playing the game. But there are many more reasons why you should start playing on our platform. Our user testimonials speak volumes about our service and the unique experience we provide. We have a diverse user base and everyone has an awesome experience of playing rummy on our platform. Every piece of player feedback is valuable as that motivates us to bring something new and exciting to the table.

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Some of our users share their experiences of playing games and winning real money on Junglee Rummy below. Watch the videos.

  1. Dilip Desai

A chartered accountant by profession, Dilip Desai hails from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He is very good with numbers and also invests in the Stock Market. He came to know about Junglee Rummy from a Facebook ad and decided to download the app and play the game. He followed a few rummy tips given in our tutorials and started playing. After a few days, he started winning cash games. This motivated him to enter the RPL 7, where won over Rs. 52,000.

  1. Gaurav

Gaurav is an investment banker from Mumbai. He finds Junglee Rummy tournaments very exciting and plays them regularly. He won a Rs. 70,000 cash prize in the RPL 8 tournament held at the beginning of the year.

  1. Dhwani

Dhwani is an avid rummy player who has been playing the game since his childhood. His passion for rummy drove him to play the game on Junglee Rummy. When he installed the app on his phone, he realized that the tournaments are no less than a challenge. He loves challenging games and has won amazing prizes since then.

So don’t wait anymore! Be a part of the most lively online rummy community. Download the Junglee Rummy app right now and win big cash prizes while enjoying gaming on your smartphone. Happy gaming! 

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