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Winning at Rummy: It’s All About Playing Strategically!


“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.”
– Jack London

Getting good at anything in life is a tough cut, but getting better at a game is only a matter of being the smartest guy at the table.

The path to being the smartest guy at the table is laden with bad advice, cheap tricks, and bound-to-fail shortcuts.

But what we have here for you today are some game-changing rummy tips that will help you get an edge over everyone else at the table and win you some cash that’s going to help you buy those Ray-Bans you’ve been eyeing for weeks.

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Here’s a laundry list of tips and tricks to help you get better at rummy:


Rummy hacks

The first step is to not get over-excited and focus on arranging your cards to make pure a sequence. Sets also come in handy, but the top priority should be forming a pure sequence. This way you minimize the risk of losing with a big margin as your opponent might declare his hand at any time. If you don’t have a pure sequence if your opponent declares his hand, you accumulate the sum of the points of all the cards in your hand

Discard High-Value Cards

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High-value cards can be the difference between a victory and loss. Hoarding high-value cards in rummy is the metaphorical equivalent of cradling live hand grenades!

Holding high-value cards such as the King, Queen, Jack and Ace in a bid to form a sequence can be your downfall should the opponent declare his hand early.

High-value cards only increase your burden with more points.

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Watching Your Opponent Is the Key

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One of the best things and a critical aspect of Indian Rummy is that one can quickly get an edge over their opponent by merely observing what one’s opponent discards and picks up from the open deck.

Dropping the cards close to what your opponent discards usually ensures that they do not pick up your cards from the open deck.

Games are won and lost in Rummy by outwitting opponents by observing and countering their moves.

Constantly Rearrange your Cards

Rummy Strategy

The game’s been going on for a while, and you might feel like your hand isn’t going to win you this game.

But wait, a simple rearrangement of your cards might show you that you’ve been holding the best cards at the table and now you’re only seconds away from sweeping up all the cash on the table!

It happens more than one might think because identifying a winning hand gets difficult when your cards are in disorder. Rearranging your cards can prove to be the most useful move in a game.

Follow these simple, neat little tricks to become the smartest player at the table and win big.

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