Why the World Loves Rummy (And You Should, Too!)


Rummy has been the game of generations and with each passing year, the number of players enjoying this game is increasing. The skill based card game has its roots in India and is still played widely in Southern parts of the country in a traditional way. As the classic Indian rummy doesn’t involve any element of luck but more on the way you play with the 13 cards, the game is legal in the country too.

online rummy

Indian rummy games have been played inside the family during major festivals or social gatherings. Due to the fun element and the flexibility to add as much players in the game, Indian rummy is miles ahead of other card games like TeenPatti, Satte Pe Satta etc. With the move to online gaming platforms, classic rummy we used to play in our younger days is much easier to enjoy with friends.

Online rummy websites have allowed many card game enthusiasts to believe in their own skills rather than on the element of luck. The players have moved away from luck based games like Poker and Blackjack and are now competing in these gaming websites. As the 13 card game makes a player to use his strategies unlike bluffing in poker, it is said that classic rummy is having an upper hand in areas where skills is more valued than making real money.

As a card game enthusiast, we can now play classic Indian rummy online very easily. You can pick any popular and safe website and register for free to get started. Once you are a registered player, you can join a practice table to know how the game play is or can join the freeroll tables to earn some cash.

The more practice will give you enough experience to join the cash tables. Look out for any big bonus offers before you make your deposit. You can join cash tables or tournaments the moment you have made your first deposit with the rummy platform and if you play good, take home a share of prizes from the big prize pool.

If you rummy online, you will be escape from all the hassles involved in the game like shuffling, dealing of cards and counting points at the end of each round. In online rummy websites, all these actions are taken securely with a RNG software that makes sure the game you play is error free. With fast paced technology, the gaming industry will also expand and so does the online rummy websites. As classic Indian rummy has already topped the charts in top free and top grossing categories, we hope this traditional game will be a major influence for more game developers to focus on skill based games.

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