Ye Game hai Skill Ka

Ye Game hai Skill Ka: A Day With Your Favorite Celebs and Junglee Rummy


Junglee Rummy recently concluded the ‘Ye Game Hai Skill Ka’ campaign which saw some of your most loved celebs joining in and playing Junglee Rummy while staying home.

The campaign witnessed massive participation on social media where players both old and new appreciated the fact that their favorite celeb had turned into a fan too, and ended up being hooked on to the game.

Let’s see how they reacted when they got to play on India’s favorite rummy platform!

R Ashwin

R Ashwin talks about his skills and how he outwits Hashim Amla to bowl him out in the T20 match held in 2014 using the carrom ball technique, a skill he’s developed through years of practice. He’s a cricketer par excellence and when he’s not on the field, he’s outwitting opponents on the Junglee Rummy app. He’s a fan of the superfast tables, the easy playability and the multiple formats of rummy on the platform.

Mouni Roy

Mouni Roy shares her experience during her time spent at home and keeping herself busy brushing up on her dancing, singing and painting skills, and talks about how she’s keeping herself calm by meditating and reading. There’s a new skill she’s picked up during these times and that’s rummy. In this video she talks about how she’s hitched on to the game and how Junglee Rummy has rekindled her love for rummy with a snappy interface and thinks that it’s a complete entertainment package.

Sunny Singh

Sunny Singh is bored at home and wasn’t really in the mood to indulge in the routine chores. He wanted something new, something exciting to keep himself engaged. That’s when he found Junglee Rummy, the app that lets you play online rummy from home and win cash prizes. Watch him talking about the things that make Junglee Rummy special for him and why loves the game so much.

Rahul Dev

Rahul Dev believes that the key to success lies in interest and discipline. As long as you are interested in something and have the will to stick to it, no one can stop you. Till today, his greatest passion was to stay in top shape, but now he’s found a new one.

Watch as he speaks about his new found love for rummy and why he loves the Junglee Rummy app so much that he’s decided to block some time each day so that he can play rummy on India’s favorite rummy platform.  

Siddhart Shukla

Siddhart Shukla believes that the road to success lies in the constant hunger to keep winning at all costs. He believes that failure isn’t an option and the only option is to win each time. Stuck at home, he recently discovered his love for rummy and has been hooked on to the game ever since.

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