Perfect Weekend

Your Recipe for a Perfect Weekend at Home


Is it one of those weekends when you do not feel like going out but staying in bed all day feels like you have done nothing but wasted your weekend? You don’t feel like ordering in or cooking anything because everything tastes the same when you lie in your bed all day? That’s okay; you are not the only one who feels that way. We all have one of those weekends.

Here are a bunch of things that you could add to your to-do list this weekend and enjoy even if you want to spend most of your weekend in bed.

Finish that one last episode

We have all been through that phase when you’re watching a TV show and are about to reach the climax, but then you realize another 40-45 minutes could disturb your sleep schedule and make you late for work next morning? Ahh, we do not like that feeling either. So here is one thing you could do all weekend: finish those last episodes because you don’t have to worry about getting late the next day.

There is nothing called too much Rummy over the weekend

Indians have always loved Rummy. Be it young people or old, everyone loves to play Rummy with their family and friends. But with time, you realize that your family and friends are not always by your side to play Rummy with you. This does not mean you have to stop playing Rummy. Download an online Rummy app and lie in bed all day playing your favorite game, strategizing and showing off your skills to players from across the country. Lift your mood with this skill-based game. You can also play rummy cash games and win cash while enjoying gaming.


Exercising is the best way to have a healthy and enjoyable weekend. It is not necessary to go to the gym or any other workout place to exercise. It can be done at home as well. Put on some music of your choice, do yoga, meditate or just go for a walk in the nearby park to feel fresh and get some fresh air. Exercise for the mind is as good as exercise for the body.

Experiment in the kitchen

Some people like cooking as a hobby and feel it’s the best relaxation for their mind. Look up your favorite dish by your favorite chef and start cooking. The aroma of the deliciousness in your kitchen will take away the stress of your entire week, refresh you and help you look forward to something special in the week ahead.

Add it to your cart

Shopping can be the best remedy for everything in your way. Like that shirt? Buy it. You think you have overused your laptop cover? Get a new one. Official merchandise available for your favorite sportsperson? Get it before it vanishes. Do everything that helps you relax and brings a smile to your face and heart. That is what counts (:

We hope we have given you enough ideas for your weekend date with your bed! Who says it is necessary to go out to have fun or get through the weekend when you have a bed and plenty of time to spend with yourself? Go ahead, pamper yourself and keep playing Rummy!

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