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Browser Games: What Makes Them So Popular

What are browser games? Browser games, as the name suggests, are games that can be played on the internet using a web browser. Browser games have been around since the time internet went mainstream. Heck, even Google Chrome has one, for when you can’t connect to the internet and need to pass your time till you can get back online.

As the broadband speed increased over the years, so did the complexity of these games. Gone are the days when games such as Tetris and Ping Pong were the norm; today the best browser games extend much beyond that and players can choose from a variety of genres to play.

Online browser games are catching up real fast and witnessing a higher and higher number of players gaming using the browser itself.

What makes browser games so popular? Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons.

1. Unlike games that require using all the features and full power of your computer, browser games to play with friends require very little resources. It enables developers to design games even for those players who do not have top-of-the-line gaming rigs. Moreover, these games cater very well to casual gamers, who play games just for fun and are not into hardcore gaming.

2. Since browser games run directly on the web browser, there is no need to download these games or to buy any additional software to play them. Moreover, there are many options to choose from. Right from card games like rummy, poker and blackjack to shooters and real-time strategy games, it’s all there, giving players a wide variety.

3. Although even the very best browser games can’t fully match the level of games that are conceptualized and designed to harness the full power of your PC, the emergence of game engines such as Unity means that games made using these engines (They are used for some of the best AAA titles in the industry) have graphics that are way better than games not using such engines. Using these game engines also enables developers to deliver a much more immersive gameplay than it was possible a few years ago.

Now we know what makes browser games popular. But what are the most popular genres of online multiplayer browser games. Let’s take a look.

Strategy Games

These games rely on the decision-making skills of the player and mostly make use of a world with a lot of players and the communities that exist within that world. A typical strategy game would give each player a village and they would have to use their skills to turn it into a powerful nation. In this type of games, players almost always engage in wars and build alliances.

Card Games

These are games where players need to use their quick thinking, analytical skills and sound decision making to defeat their opponents. Games such as rummy and poker lead this flock of games and they have both witnessed an immense growth in recent years.

Role-Playing Games

The role-playing genre is also hugely popular. It focuses more on character development and progression. Normally a player gets control of a single character instead of an entire city, nation or group and he/she needs to nurture and groom that character and complete missions, building alliances on the way.

Shooter Games

Shooter games are arguably the most popular game genre across platforms. They usually test players’ speed and reaction time. They can either be first-person games or games based on a third person perspective, depending on the story and the game mission. The character/avatar usually has a weapon like a gun, which he/she uses to fight the opponents and proceed to complete the mission.

As times progress, the best browser games are likely to become only more popular with the gamer community. Moreover, as we have a faster internet speed now and as even ordinary PCs not designed specifically for gaming are becoming more powerful each year, developers can finally push the limits and come up with extensive worlds that extend far beyond what was imaginable a few years ago.

All in all, it’s a win-win situation for both gamers and developers. What needs to be seen is where this takes gaming from here!