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Call Bridge is a popular card game of tricks, trumps and bidding, especially popular in Asian countries. In some places, it is also called Call Break. The Call Bridge game is related to a North American game called Spades. It is played by four players with a standard 52-card deck.

A game of Call Bridge normally consists of five deals. According to the World Bridge Federation, the Bridge card game is a sport and is recognized so by the International Olympic Committee as well. Bridge offers huge benefits to players and is one of the most challenging and enjoyable games played in sports clubs. Read on to learn how to play Call Bridge and all about Call Bridge rules.

Players and Cards

The Call Bridge game is played by 4 people using a standard 52-card deck. The cards of each suit in the Call Bridge game rank from high to low in the order given below:


Spades are permanent trumps in the Call Bridge game, which means any card of the Spades suit can beat any card of any other suit.


At the beginning of a game of Call Bridge, any player may choose to deal and then the turn to deal passes to the player on the right. In online Call break, cards are dealt automatically by the game program. Thirteen cards are dealt to each player, one at a time, face down. The players pick up their cards and analyze them.


Bidding is a bit tricky but an integral part of the Call Bridge game. Each player calls a number, which must be at least 2. The maximum sensible call is 12. This call of a number represents the number of tricks that the player undertakes to win. Trick bids are known as calls.


A random player initiates the first trick, and after that the winner of each trick leads the next trick.

Any card can be the lead suit, and the other three players must play cards of the lead suit if they can. A player who cannot follow suit must trump with a Spade, provided that this Spade is high enough to beat any Spades already in the trick. A player who has no cards of the lead suit and no Spades high enough to win the trick may play any card.

A trick is won by the player of the highest Spade in it or, if it contains no Spade, by the player of the highest card of the lead suit.


To succeed in a game of Call Bridge, a player must win as many tricks as possible and at least as many tricks as the player’s call. When a player succeeds in winning as many tricks as their call, the number called is their score in the deal. For every additional trick won, a player gets +0.1 points. If a player wins fewer tricks than their call, they get negative points equal to their call in the deal.

At the end of the fifth deal, the player with the highest score is the winner.