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FreeCell is one of the most popular card games. Microsoft included the Freecell card game in every release of the Windows operating system from 1995 onward, which led to an increase in the popularity of the game.

FreeCell games are different from other solitaire card games as in FreeCell, there are rarely any deals that cannot be solved. The high winning probability makes it a great game. Players can win almost 100% of the time, which is the highest percentage for any random deal card game. Also, this is one of the few card games in which cards are dealt face up from the beginning of the game.

Game Objective

FreeCell is a solitaire card game played using a standard 52-card deck. The objective of the game is quite simple: you have to arrange all the cards in your hand in foundations.

A foundation is an order in which the cards need to be arranged. Every foundation has one suit, and the cards have to be in the following order in each one of them:


In the columns, the king has the highest value while the ace is the lowest.

History of the Game

It is said that the FreeCell game has been derived from the card game named Eight Off, a game in which card tableaux are built by suit rather than by alternate colors. Some people argue that the origin of FreeCell dates back to 1945 and it is inspired by a game called Napolean at St. Helena.


FreeCell is an exciting game played by card lovers across the globe. The purpose of the FreeCell game is to arrange the cards in columns from the highest (king) to the lowest (ace) in alternate colors.

You use the upper open cells to move the cards around within the game. Try to have a plan for all the cards as you start to move the cards (put them in the free cells) because once you have put them there, they are hard to get out!

You may only move a stack of cards with the correct number of cards or fewer: this number is determined by how many open free cells and open tableaux you have in the game. Remember, there is a limitation to how many arranged cards you can move together. The number of cards you can move together is basically the number of empty free cells and empty tableaux + 1, that is n+1, where n is the number of free cells. So if you have 2 free cells, you can move 3 cards together.

FreeCell Basics and Different Moves

You can always move one card, but sometimes you have the option to move one or more cards from one tableau pile to another. You can move the top card of a pile on the tableau onto another tableau pile, if that pile's top card is one higher than the moved card and in a different color. For example, you could move a red 5 onto a black 6.

It is easy and allowed to move the top card of any tableau pile, free cell or foundation onto a free cell. But one should always remember that a free cell can only hold a single card at a time

Let’s see what to do if you wish to move a card from a free cell. You can move a card from a free cell onto a foundation only in two conditions: either the card should be of the same suit or should have one rank higher than the card on the foundation's top.

Also, you can move a card from a free cell onto a tableau pile if it confirms the following two conditions. First, the card should have one rank/value lower. Secondly, it should be in a different color than the tableau pile's top card. For example, you could move a red 4 from a free cell onto a tableau pile where the current top card is a black 5.

Let’s consider the situation where you want to move a tableau card onto a foundation. You can do this either by dragging the cards onto the foundation, or by simply double-clicking on it. Once you do that, the card will move there by itself.

When the free cells are empty and all cards on the tableau are arranged in 4 piles and each of the piles has been arranged in descending order with alternating red/black cards, then the tableau will clear itself, since at that point you have 100% chances of winning the game.

Making Fewer Moves and the Undo option

In FreeCell, you don't have to worry much about the size of columns as the game will tell you if a column is too large or small for the movement. Move all your cards in the game into the home slots to win at Freecell. Moving many cards together is basically just a convenience the game provides. It helps you finish the game in fewer moves.

In a FreeCell game, every move you make to finish the game is tracked. It helps you track your performance and beat your previous best score.

You can use the “Undo” option as many times as you like in a FreeCell card game, though each undo is counted as a new move, so if you want to beat your previous best score or keep the moves minimum, be careful about using that option.