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Kings in the Corners

Similar to Solitaire, Kings in the Corners or Kings Corners is an exciting card game. If you are looking for a game with simple rules to have a quick round of fun and entertainment, then Kings in the Corners would be the perfect game to play. As in Solitaire, the objective is to get rid of all your cards but with a slight difference: Kings in the Corners is usually played by two to four players.

Number of Cards

To play the card game Kings in the Corners, a standard 52-card deck is used without any Jokers. Although seven cards are commonly dealt to each player, there are games where each player starts with six cards.

Sequence of Cards

The sequence of cards in Kings in the Corners is in the descending order of the King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and the Ace.

The Objective

The objective of each player playing the game is to be the first player to play or lay off all their cards. It is a game where you draw a card on every turn of yours and lay off as many cards as possible.

The Game

The game begins with the dealing of seven cards, one card at a time, to each player face down. The remaining cards are placed face down at the centre of the table. Now, four cards are drawn from the top of the deck and placed face up in the four directions - east, west, north and south - in the pattern of a cross. If any King gets picked up among the four cards, you move the king to a corner and fill the vacant space by drawing a card from the deck. These four non-king cards forming the pattern of a cross are called foundation piles.

The first player to play is usually the player to the left of the dealer. You could also decide the first player based on fun factors such as the youngest or oldest player in the group, or the player whose birthday is the closest, etc. However, the game is always played clockwise after the first player makes a move.

Each player draws a single card from the top of the deck on their turn and lays off as many cards as possible. However, there are some rules to lay off cards:

• A card being laid off should be one rank below the card on the foundation pile and of a different color. For example, if the foundation pile card is the 9 of Hearts (which is red), you can lay off either 8 of Clubs or 8 of Spades (both are black)
• A player can lay off as many cards as possible on their turn, but they must fulfill the lower rank and opposite color conditions.
• Only Kings can occupy the corner spaces of the foundation piles. If the card drawn is a King, you place the card on the corner pile and follow the same process as the foundation pile to lay off the cards.
• If the foundation piles can be merged to add or complete a sequence, you combine them and continue, following the sequence and color rules.
• You may play a new card in the vacant space created by the merging of the foundation piles and start a new sequence.

Note: Suits do not matter in Kings in the Corners as long as cards are discarded in descending order and in the alternating colors red and black.

Winner of the Game

Players draw and lay off cards on their turns. The player who lays off all their cards first is the winner.