Anti Collusion Masking

Anti Collusion Masking

Junglee Rummy takes pride in being able to provide nothing but the absolute best rummy experience to our players. And that includes a safe gaming environment. To achieve this, we are testing a ‘Game Table Masking Feature’ which will give you, our players, enhanced security and integrity.

How it works:

At the start of the game, some information will be hidden on the game table to avoid any possible collusion. The information which will be hidden is:

  • Usernames
  • Game ID
  • Avatar
  • Table ID in game info on side menu
  • Table ID in report as issue option on side menu

Once the game start timer is over, the information becomes visible while the cards are being dealt.

Game Table Without Masking

Game Table After Masking

Here’s how the enhanced & secured game table will look like: