Cash Rummy Tournaments

You could win a fortune in our cash rummy tournaments by using your skills and strategies. A small entry fee gets you access to mega cash prizes on a level never seen before!

Our MTT tournaments are one of the most competitive events which we pioneered to introduce players to a more explosive format. Moreover, the 5x and 10x formats give you more bang for the buck and you can win 5x or 10x of the entry fee. Depending on which format you play. So if you pay an entry fee of Rs.60/Rs. 200, you can end up winning 5 or even 10 times that amount. Don’t wait -- join our tournaments with as little as Rs. 10, or go as high as Rs. 1000. It’s a showdown like none other and the winnings are huge.

And for the first time ever, there’s also the 2 winner event where not one but two players get to be winners. Also we have recently introduced the Flash event designed to add that extra dash of excitement to keep you hooked with the clock ticking down halfway compared to other formats.

Want to raise the stakes even higher? Then participate in the “Winner takes all” format, where you get to win the entire prize money from the pool. How’s that for a challenge?

Want more? Then participate in our GTD Knockout Loot with entry fees as low as Rs. 5 and guaranteed cash prizes of Rs. 75,000.

Get ready!

Select the “Cash” tab in the “Tournaments” section in the game lobby to register for cash rummy tournaments.

Tournament Name

Entry Fee

Prize Pool

MTT Cash 10 - 300

Rs. 10 - 300

Based on the entry fee collected

Winner Takes All

Rs. 20 & Rs. 75

Based on the entry fee collected

2 Winner

Rs. 30 & Rs. 100

Based on the entry fee collected


Rs. 50 & Rs. 100

Based on the entry fee collected

5X or Nothing 1.8K GTD

Rs. 60

Rs. 1,836 Guaranteed

10X or Nothing 6.1k GTD

Rs. 200

Rs. 6,120 Guaranteed

Knockout Loot 75 GTD

Rs. 5

Rs. 75,000 Guaranteed

Note: There will be 3 deals in the Knockout format tournaments.


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