Responsible Gaming

Junglee Rummy encourages its players to play rummy games responsibly. We operate as a responsible gaming site that offers fair online rummy games and protects its players from adverse consequences that might result from playing rummy. We closely monitor the activities of our players and alert them if they develop any form of compulsive behavior. As a responsible gaming service provider, we have implemented various precautionary measures:

  • Restriction on players who are less than 18 years to create a new account
  • Prohibition on players who are less than 18 years to play cash rummy games
  • 24/7 monitoring of online rummy games for detection of fraudulent behavior
  • Active anti-collusion implementation during every online rummy games
  • Protection of player’s information using high level encryption security software
  • Flexible features to limit players’ online cash deposits and withdrawal amount
  • Pre-defined limit for maximum cash deposits to discourage gaming obsession

Tips on Responsible Gaming
  • Strike a balance in your daily life to check any form of addiction to rummy
  • Consider rummy as a form of recreational game meant for entertainment
  • Never prioritize rummy over other activities that impact your daily life
  • Keep a track of the total time you spend while playing online rummy games
  • Set a limit for loss in cash rummy games and stick yourself to it consistently
  • Always play with a positive mindset and avoid playing in a distressed mood
  • Never play to chase losses and stop playing it if you are in a losing spree

Remember, Indian rummy is a social game that should be played for entertainment only. Know when to stop and check any form of addiction to the game. Even professionals who have mastered this game of skills know when to play, drop and leave the table! So, play responsibly at Junglee Rummy!