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Amazing 2D and 3D Tables

We continually strive to introduce breakthrough innovations so that you get the best gaming experience to play online rummy. We have implemented daring and out-of-the-box ideas to create the most amazing tables that you can find on the Internet. Our years of hard work and dedication have finally resulted in the creation of the best online rummy tables in the world. We are proud to present to you the coolest rummy tables – Unique 3D Table and Classic 2D Table!

Unique 3D Tables

The amazingly cool 3D tables give you an added dimension to play online rummy. You can face your opponent’s avatars sitting on the rummy tables just like playing cards in real life. It is not like the 2D tables of other game sites that limit the perspective of playing rummy. Here, you get an enhanced experience of playing the game that bears striking verisimilitude of lifelike rummy experience. We also offer a range of cool and dynamic avatars that you can choose and play. Our 3D tables are simply a class apart when it comes to rummy tables of any other game sites.

Classic 2D Tables

For those who like to play in the 2D tables, we have the Classic 2D View that allows you to play on the traditional 2D tables. However, our 2D tables are designed with rich graphics and amazing game interface that gives you a superb experience of playing rummy on the classic 2D view. Not a single feature is compromised if you compare it with the 3D tables. Fresh clean look, amazing features, easy interface makes it the best 2D tables that you can play online.

Switch to Any Mode

We constantly try to improve user’s experience and have taken big measures to develop a duel interface from where you can switch from one mode to the other and vice versa. While playing rummy on 3D tables, you can switch to the 2D View during playing the same game. Again, you can switch back to 3D View from 2D tables while playing the same game. Play in whichever mode you want and switch to any mode instantly.

All such distinctive features make us exceptionally the best site to play rummy. Our site is the only place at where you can play on inimitable 2D and 3D tables and even switch from one view to another during the same game. Experience the best online rummy games at JungleeRummy.com!