Midnights with Menka

Midnights with Menka marks the beginning of a new genre in movies—fake biopics of real stars and is all set to turn the Gujarati movie industry upside down with a carefully crafted story, and characters that will leave a mark, even long after you have left the theatres. We are immensely proud on being associated with the movie that’s all set to redefine cinema.

‘Midnights With Menka’ revolves around Malhar Thakar, the superstar of Gujarati film world and his rich best friend Hardik, his biggest fangirl, Esha and his suboptimal sister Riya.

Hunger for success and fame leads them to indulge in some undesirable scenarios and obstacles, making their troubled lives even harder. Seeking a way to save their doomed worlds, they take a bouncy ride through friendship, fame, humour, love and a plethora of emotions.