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Rummy Strategy | Pick Unwanted Cards

In the game of rummy, one of the main aspects that decide the game outcome is the hand you are having. Sometimes, you can get lucky and get multiple jokers to finish the game in one or two moves but sometimes, it can go all wrong too. In order to win in Indian Rummy, you need to have at least one pure sequence, i.e. a sequence without wildcards/jokers. As your opponents will be trying hard not to discard cards that can help you make your sequence, you can also counter them with some tricks that can make them revise their gameplay strategy.

One of the common strategies that can make your opponents change his/her strategy is to pick unwanted cards. In order to use this trick, you should be very confident about the cards in your hand and also should have note on what your opponent is discarding and picking from the open deck. Picking an unwanted card can make your opponent think that you are creating a different set/sequence, and thereby making him change the whole game plan. He might even discard a very useful card in the process allowing you to complete your meld.

You can learn more about strategies like this in our Advanced Rummy Strategy category. To practice this strategy and to get used to it, try our practice tables and freeroll tourneys. Once you get used to these strategies, you can be sure of winning real cash by playing on high rake rummy tables.