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Indian Rummy Tips: How to Trick with High Cards

Face cards or high cards are usually considered desired cards in most of the card games. However, it’s a different tale in Indian Rummy games. Stripped of all their power, high cards are simply a burden of unwanted points for a player in Indian Rummy. So always use the following improvised rummy tips while handling high cards in Indian Rummy:

The Golden Rule

“Discard your high value cards” has become a rummy adage, as it is a good strategy to start with. As Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks have 10 points each, it is a wise move to discard them to get rid of high points. Expert players calculate the possibilities of both winning and losing before every move. They always count the number of points they will lose by if the opponent player declares the game at any time. So they get rid of high cards that have fewer probabilities of being helpful in forming a set or sequence if you want to increase your chances to win real cash & prizes.

Trap Your Opponents

As discussed earlier, most of the players discard high cards in Indian Rummy games. However, if your opponent picks up a high card from the open deck, you could sense that your opponent is playing with a reversed strategy. Chances are that your opponent has already formed or is looking to form a sequence or set with high cards, as nobody would normally like to take a risk of losing by 10 extra points. If your opponent picks your discarded Q?, for example, you can easily predict that he/she has formed or is close to forming a set of Qs or a sequence of K? Q? J? , Q? J? 10? or A? K? Q?. Your opponent will think that he/she has moved a step closer to winning. However, he/she may have walked into a trap. Your opponent has taken the bait of a high card, which could limit his chances of winning. Now, don’t discard any card close to Q? like K?, J?, 10? and A? as they will allow your opponent to continue forming the sequence/set. Limit his/her possibility of completing the sequence/set, and if you win the game, he/she will lose by a big margin.

Reverse the Trick

It has been observed that most of the players discard high value cards during their initial moves. The reason is obvious: the risk of losing by a big margin. However, you can take a calculated risk and choose not to discard your high value cards during your opening moves and keep them until your third or fourth move. It is highly probable that your opponents will discard high value cards that may form a set/sequence with your high cards. This way, you can reverse the common trick and gain an advantage to form desired sets or sequences with your high value cards.

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