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Online Rummy Tricks: How to Use Jokers Smartly

“Use jokers wisely — that’s the best way to play with Jokers.” If you think this is the only way to play with Jokers, think again! Jokers, the most versatile cards in the game, can be used in so many ways that you can use this fact to your advantage.heck out the online rummy tricks below to learn how to use the Jokers in the right way!

Pure Sequence Comes First

It has been observed that there is a general tendency in most of the online rummy players to use jokers to form sequences right away. If you are one of them, it’s time to change this tactic. Never use jokers to make sequence unless you have formed a pure sequence in a rummy game. If you use jokers to make sequences during the initial moves, you may miss the chance to make a pure sequence. Thus, have an ace up your sleeve and aces here are undoubtedly your Jokers!

Group Your Jokers

If you have more than two Jokers, group them together separate from the other cards. Focus on making sequences and sets without using them. Keep them as the life-saving group of cards that you could use to get back to the game if a move of yours goes wrong. After forming the required sequences and sets, use your Jokers to make the remaining sequences or sets. This will make you an elite player who does not depend entirely on Jokers.

Discard Cards Close to Jokers

This is not a common trick. You will find it only here on JungleeRummy.com! This rummy trick can help you win a lot while playing with Jokers. Discard cards that are close to Jokers. For example, if 5? is the wild joker, discard cards close to the Joker like 3?, 4?, 6? and 7? in a game. Your opponent would not like to waste a Joker to form a pure sequence with it. So, there is a good probability that your opponent will not pick your discarded cards.

Too Many Jokers

Do not feel lucky if you get too many Jokers. Having too many Jokers reduces the chances of forming a pure sequence in online rummy games. In such cases, discarding Jokers is not a bad option, as your opponents are unlikely to pick your discarded Jokers.

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