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Online Rummy Strategies – Calculating Odds

Calculating the odds is not just limited to Poker games. It also plays a big role in online rummy games and if you find the odds accurately, you can have great insights into your opponents’ cards.

If you are oblivious about calculating odds in rummy, here are some of the common ways to calculate them:

Jokers: Online rummy games are played with two decks of cards along with the printed Jokers. So, you could easily calculate that there are 10 jokers in the game: 2 Printed Jokers and 8 Wild Jokers from two decks. When you are competing against one player and if you get more than 4 jokers, there is a good probability that your opponent has fewer jokers. You could discard one of your Jokers to show that your hand is filled with Jokers. This could scare your opponent and make him drop from the game.

Colour: There are 52 cards in both the colours – red and black. If you are dealt with many red coloured cards, you could calculate that your opponent has many black coloured cards. So, you should not discard black coloured cards during the initial moves, as your opponent could use them to make sequences with his coloured cards.

Connecting Cards: The concept of connecting cards helps in rummy as well in poker games. If you have a group of connecting cards like 4 and 5 of hearts, you have higher chances of forming sequences. But, if you have 3 and 9 of clubs, you have very less chances of getting all the cards from 4 to 8 of clubs to form pure sequences. So, the best strategy would be to discard such non-connecting cards that have no chances of forming sequences.

High Cards: It is very tricky to play with high value cards like Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks. Most of the players prefer to discard them as they add more to the hand points but some expert players like to play with them if the odds are right. Suppose, you have Kings and Queens of clubs, there is no need to discard them right away. You could wait for a few moves, as your opponent might have an Ace or Jack and he could discard them as they are high value cards. If he does, you could use it right away to form a sequence.

Use these concepts while playing rummy to maximize your chances of winning. But remember, the more you practise, the more you would be able to execute them efficiently in online rummy games.