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Watch our exclusive rummy strategy videos and learn how to play rummy like a pro! Learn the secret online rummy tips and tricks and master the strategies of bluffing, trapping and using the Discard Section.

How to Throw a Bait to Trap Your Opponents

Do you know that you can trap your opponents in online rummy ? Wondering how? Check out this game-changing rummy trick and use your cards as a bait to trap your opponents. Use these effective rummy tips and tricks and knock your opponents out with the maximum damage!

You can throw a bait to fool your opponents into submission. Before you start your moves, analyse your hand and find closely connected cards that you can use to form a pure sequence. If you have the Queen, the Jack and the Ace of Hearts, you should observe whether the King of Hearts is lying in the open deck. If the King of Hearts is not there in the open deck, then you can safely assume that your online rummy opponent has the card. So discard the Jack or Ace to indicate that you don’t have any possibility of forming a sequence with the King of Hearts. Your opponent might then discard the King, which you can use to form a pure sequence!

Use such canny rummy tricks and trap your opponents to get the desired cards from them. Practice more and perfect your rummy strategies to win big on Junglee Rummy!

How to Analyse the Discard Section and Use It to Your Benefit

Having a hard time remembering your opponents’ discards? Don’t worry! Learn here how to track all the cards discarded by your opponents. Check out the bottom left screen of the online rummy game window and click on the tab with a cards icon. View all the cards discarded by your opponents in the Discard Section. Whenever you are about to discard a card, check your opponents’ discards to make sure that the card that you are about to discard is of no use to your opponents. For example, your opponent has previously discarded a King of Spades and you have an Ace and a Queen of Spades. Now, you can easily discard the Ace or the Queen as you can easily find out by clicking the the Discard section that your opponent has already discarded a King and thus won’t probably pick your discarded card. Analyse the pattern of your opponents’ rummy moves and discard your cards safely. Master the game by learning smart rummy strategies and move on to the next level to become a rummy maestro!

As you can see, the Discard section can help you play rummy well and prevent you from discarding any wrong cards. Use these smart online rummy strategies and tricks and stay ahead in the game.

How to Bluff in Online Rummy?

Do you know that you can bluff in online rummy? Don’t believe it? Learn here the secret rummy tips and tricks used in bluffing. This video will teach you a great rummy strategy of bluffing perfectly. Fool your opponents with your canny manoeuvres and become the real bluff master of online rummy!

It is advisable to bluff once in every 5 to 10 games, only after analyzing your opponent’s moves. If your opponent has not picked many cards from the open deck and has been discarding cards randomly, you can easily predict that he doesn’t have a great hand. At this point, you can fool your opponent by picking several cards from the open deck. Your opponent will think that you are about to finish the game and probably drop out of the game.

Use these smart online rummy tricks and fool your online rummy opponents into dropping out of the game. Practice playing at our Practice Tables and execute your perfect bluff in cash games!