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Rummy Royale

Millionaire Series

Lock and load! It’s time to play and win big! The Millionaire 3 Cr. Series is your gateway to fame and fortune. We have gone bigger this time and introduced special bonuses for all the rummy champs!

Tournament Period: 16th - 30th June 2021

What are the Prizes?


₹ 3 Crore Prize Pool

Participate in this grand tournament series to win big money.


Grand Finale ₹50 Lakh

Play & win from a big prize pool of ₹50 Lakhs.


First Prize ₹20 Lakh

Grand Finale winner takes it all.


Leaderboard Power-up

Rank high on the Leaderboard with up to 1500* extra points!


Multiple Ticket Bonuses

Redeem extra Weekly Finale tickets for real cash prizes.

How to Participate

Millionaire Cash Prize

First Prize ₹20 Lakh

Win huge cash prizes on Junglee Rummy, including a first prize of ₹20 lakhs. Cash prizes for top 3 winners are as follows:

Leaderboard Power-up

Score extra leaderboard points and rank higher on the Millionaire Leaderboard! Just participate in the Leaderboard Power-up to get additional points.

How to Participate

There are 2 conditions of eligibility for the Leaderboard Power-up. You should fulfill the following two conditions:

1. Wager a minimum of ₹10,000 on a day at 6-player tables in points rummy or deals rummy

2: Play at least 1 Millionaire finale (Morning, Evening, Daily, Night & Weekly Finales) on the day of wagering the amount specified (₹10,000 or more).

The Leaderboard Power-up is a daily promotion. The amount wagered by you during the entire day determines the leaderboard points you score in the Leaderboard Power-up (provided you fulfill the other condition as well).

Note: The higher your wager, the more leaderboard points you get. “Wager” refers to the entry fee paid. See the table below to learn more:

Wager Amount Leaderboard Points
₹10,000 100
₹20,000 250
₹50,000 700
₹100,000 1500

Multiple Ticket Bonuses

Win more Daily Finales & get extra bonus! Yes, this is true. Play as many Daily Finales as possible and win multiple Weekly Finale tickets to redeem it for an extra cash bonus!

Dates: 21st - 27th June 2021

How does it work?

Play as many Dailly Finales as you can and win multiple Weekly Finale tickets.

The more tickets you win, the more additional bonus you earn till 27th June, 2021. For example, if you win an additional 10 Weekly Finale tickets, you will be eligible for a bonus of ₹2,000.

Here are the details of the additional bonuses that you can earn for multiple Weekly Finale tickets.

Weekly Finale Tickets Bonus (Rs.)
6-10 ₹2,000
3-5 ₹1,000
1-2 ₹500

Bonus Period

Showcase your playing skills and get additional bonuses in the form of playing streak bonuses and winning streak bonuses. The bonus will be calculated on a weekly basis.

Bonus periods are defined below:

Note: The bonus will be credited within 72 hours of the completion of the corresponding week.

Weekly Finale & Grand Finale Schedule

Enter Weekly Finales by Cash/Ticket.

Enter the Grand Finale by Ticket only.

Millionaire Leaderboard Structure

Leaderboard Start Date: 15th June 2021 (09:35 PM)

Leaderboard End Date: 28th June 2021 (11:59 PM)

Top 60 players on the Millionaire Leaderboard will win direct tickets to the ₹50 Lakh Grand Finale.

Leaderboard Point Distribution

How are Leaderboard points calculated?

➢ Any Free-Entry Tournament: (Entry (1 Pt) + Equivalent prize points for the winning amount)/10

➢ Any Cash Tournaments: (Entry Fee equivalent points + Winning amount equivalent points)/10

➢ Daily Qualifiers: 2X( Entry Fee equivalent points + Winning amount equivalent points)/10

➢ Daily Finale: 4X( Entry Fee equivalent points + Winning amount equivalent points)/10

➢ Weekly Finale: 5X( Entry Fee equivalent points + Winning amount equivalent points)/10

Overall Point Calculation
Freeroll points + cash tournament points + tournament Daily Finale points = Total points of the player.

Terms and conditions +
  • Only players who are among the top 60 players on the Leaderboard will get a chance to participate in the Grand Finale. Prizes will be given away within 24 hours of the end of the promotion.
  • Leaderboard results will be updated every 6 hours.
  • Any tickets won in the tournament will not be considered for leaderboard point calculation.
  • Grand Finale tickets won in the Leaderboard contest will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.
  • Final leaderboard ranks will be declared on 28th June at 11:59 p.m. All tournaments held from the start of the tournament series till 11:59 p.m. on 28th June 2021 will be considered for points.
  • Tickets to the Grand Finale will be given away based on the Leaderboard Ranks at 2:00 PM on 29th June.
  • Players will get ranked based on the leaderboard points scored by them by playing both cash and free tournaments.
  • Leaderboard Power-up
    • In the Leaderboard Power-up, points can be scored only by playing 6-player cash games (cash games at 6-seat tables) in points rummy and deals rummy formats.
    • Any amount wagered (entry fee paid) in pool rummy will not be considered for the Leaderboard Power-up.
    • Millionaire finales include Morning, Evening, Daily, Night and Weekly Finales.
    • If you wager ₹10,000 or more on a day as per the conditions set out above but do not participate in any Millionaire finale on the same day, you will not get any Millionaire leaderboard points in the Leaderboard Power-up for that wagered amount.
    • The Leaderboard Power-up is a daily leaderboard promotion and the points scored on this leaderboard will be calculated on a daily basis.
    • Leaderboard Power-up points for the current day's wager will be added the next day at 12 PM i.e once every 24 hours, and will be added to overall points in the leaderboard ranks.
    • The total amount wagered (entry fees paid) by a player in a day will determine the player’s leaderboard points scored in the Leaderboard Power-up for that day. For example, if you wager ₹10,000 at one game table and ₹10,000 at another game table, your total wager or total amount wagered will be ₹20,000. However, you will score leaderboard points only on fulfilling all the conditions set out above.
  • Tickets to Daily Finales will be valid for only one day from the date the player receives the tickets.
  • Players can also win Daily Finale tickets by playing Freeroll tournaments.
  • Points will be accrued for only completed tournaments. No point will be awarded to players for any tournaments that get canceled.
  • Junglee Rummy holds the right to rescind the prize(s) offered if any unfair means are used to win the prize(s)
  • Restricted States
    • You acknowledge that the state laws of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, Kerala, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, and Sikkim (also called restricted territories or restricted states) do not permit the residents of the aforementioned states to play cash rummy games or tournaments online. If you reside in any of these states, you shall abide by the state laws and shall not use Junglee Rummy's Services to deposit cash, withdraw cash, or participate in cash games or tournaments on Junglee Rummy.
    • If a player from a restricted state, unknown to Junglee Rummy, wins a Grand Finale ticket(s), Weekly Finale ticket or Daily Finale ticket by playing our freerolls or cash tournaments, the ticket(s) will be forfeited and no cash refund will be provided for the ticket(s) won or the entry fee paid.
    • Players from restricted states are not eligible for any Playing Streak Bonus or Winning Bonus.
  • Every winner needs to share a video testimonial with Junglee Rummy. Junglee Rummy will have the full right to use the video for all promotional purposes.
  • To be eligible for any prizes, players must ensure that they have provided us with their valid email addresses and mobile numbers.
  • Players whose KYC is not approved will not be eligible for any prizes.
  • The tournament series will run as per the schedule provided above.
  • All standard Junglee Rummy terms and conditions apply.
  • The decision of the Junglee Rummy management shall be final and binding in case of any disputes.
  • Direct entry tickets bought from the lobby to enter big tournaments will not be eligible for any refund.
  • Junglee Rummy representatives will approach players who win ₹10,000 or more in any tournament for official text or video testimonials.

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