Win from Rs.4 Crore in 9 days!

Play Tournaments &
win tickets to bigger tournaments

How to win free tickets?

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  • Play Shooter tournaments & win tickets to Qualifiers.
  • Play Qualifiers & win tickets to Daily Finales.
  • Play Daily Finales & win tickets to Grand Finale.

Multiple Ticket Bonus

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Want to win Rs.10,000 Instant Cash?

  • Play maximum Daily Finales to win free Grand Finale tickets.
  • Redeem extra tickets for Instant Cash up to Rs.10,000.

Opting in is mandatory to be eligible for the offer.

Streak Rewards

Play tournaments daily to get up to 15% of your entry fee as cashback.

  • *Minimum Tournament Entry Fee: Rs.1000 daily
Streak (days) Cashback
9 15% of entry fee
8 12% of entry fee
7 10% of entry fee
6 9% of entry fee
5 8% of entry fee
4 7% of entry fee
3 6% of entry fee
2 5% of entry fee

How to make a successful streak?

  • 1. Play Tournaments with a Total Entry Fee of Rs.1000 or more in one day.
  • 2. Play Republic Daily Finale Tournament (cash entry only) on each day of the streak.


Days Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Rs.1000+ entry fee paid
Played a Finale
Valid Streak = 2 days

Please Note:

Total entry fee paid in tournaments should be Rs.1000 or more in a day. You can achieve that by playing multiple tournaments.

Top 75 players on the Leaderboard will win a free ticket to the ₹1 Crore Grand Finale.
There are 2 ways to earn leaderboard points.

Cash Games

Play more cash rummy games (Points/Pool/Deals rummy) to win extra leaderboard points.

Refer to the table below:

Total Entry Fee Paid Leaderboard Points
₹1,000 2.5
₹5,000 25
₹10,000 100
₹20,000 300
₹50,000 1000
₹1,00,000 2500


To earn leaderboard points, you will have to play at least 1 Finale (Morning/Evening/Daily/Night) on the day of making the entry fee.

Play Tournaments

Play more tournaments to earn more leaderboard points.

How It Works

Joining a Tournament with Entry Fee

  • For a tournament player, Leaderboard points will be calculated as follows: (Entry Fee/10).
  • For a tournament winner, Leaderboard points will be calculated as follows: 2X(Entry Fee/10).


Entry Fee Amount Entry Type Result Points
₹100 Cash Won 2 x (100/10) = 20
₹100 Cash Lost 100/10 = 10

Joining a Tournament with a Ticket

  • When players join a tournament using a ticket, only the winners will get extra leaderboard points.
  • The calculation will be as follows: (Entry Fee/10).


Entry Fee Amount Entry Type Result Points
₹100 Ticket Won 100/10 = 10
₹100 Ticket Lost 0


To earn leaderboard points, you will have to play Series Qualifiers & Daily Finales.

No points will be awarded for playing Shooter Tournaments.

Active Days

Play tournaments regualarly to earn extra points on the leaderboad.

Total Leaderboard points earned


Number of days played


Terms and Conditions

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  • 1. Both Deals and Points Rummy Tournaments can be played in the Tournaments Series.
  • 2. Daily Finale tickets can also be won by playing Free Tournaments.
  • 3. To earn streak rewards, the following conditions must be fulfilled:
    • a. You need to play the Daily finale tournament (cash entry only).
    • b. Play one or more tournaments with a Total Entry Fee of Rs.1000 or more in one day.
  • 4. Tickets to Daily Finales will be valid only for the day on which they are issued.
  • 5. Junglee Rummy holds the right to rescind the prize(s) offered if any unfair means are used by a player to win the prize(s).
  • 6. Restricted States
    • a. You acknowledge that the state laws of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana (also called Restricted Territories) do not permit the residents of the aforementioned states to play cash rummy games/tournaments online. You shall abide by these states’ laws and shall not use Junglee Rummy’s services to deposit cash, withdraw cash, or participate in cash games or tournaments on Junglee Rummy while residing in or logging in from these states.
  • 7. If a player from a restricted state, unknown to Junglee Rummy, wins a Grand Finale ticket(s), or Daily Finale ticket(s) by playing Free or Cash tournaments, the ticket(s) will be forfeited and no refund will be provided for the ticket(s) won or the entry fee paid.
  • 8. Players residing in or logged in from the restricted states are not eligible for any bonus.
  • 9. Every winner will have to share a video testimonial with Junglee Rummy. Junglee Rummy will have the full right to use the video for all promotional purposes.
  • 10. To be eligible for any prizes and benefits, players must ensure that they have provided us with their valid email addresses and mobile numbers.
  • 11. Players whose KYC is not approved will not be eligible for any prizes or benefits.
  • 12. The tournament series will run as per the schedule provided above
  • 13. All standard Junglee Rummy terms and conditions apply.
  • 14. The decision of the Junglee Rummy management shall be final and binding in case of any disputes.
  • 15. Direct entry tickets bought from the lobby to enter big tournaments will not be considered for any refund under any circumstances.
  • 16. Junglee Rummy representatives will approach players who win ₹10,000 or more in any tournament for an official text or video testimonial.