Junglee Rummy TV Commercials Starring Saurabh Shukla and Rajpal Yadav

Ladies and Gentlemen, the wait is finally over! We have released our two witty TV Commercials that will make you ROFL!

In our latest TVCs, we have addressed one common issue – Stress!

We go through a lot in our daily life and our hilarious TVCs share a secret on how you can unwind from stress and relax with rummy!

This time, we have tied up with two of the most talented artists in the Indian movie industry – The notorious Rajpal Yadav and the very best Saurabh Shukla in a fresh look, doing the best they do!

Check out the new video featuring Saurabh Shukla below:

The video starts with a nervous Saurabh Shukla waiting for Badshah Bhai’s call. He has been delegated a task of carrying a briefcase full of diamonds on a flight, and he knows it’s not going to be easy. Praying to all the Gods, he embarks on a journey while the stress can be seen on his face. Even a kid with a lollipop looks suspiciously at him, which brings down his confidence level.

By God’s grace and with some luck, he travels safely only to find his luggage missing from the baggage carousel. His tension levels up as his extremely valuable suitcase is missing or has not yet arrived on the carousel. His phone rings, and by now, he is stressed out thinking about the repercussions. Saurabh takes a seat to calm down, just to find the one thing that will help him bust the stress - Junglee Rummy app on his mobile! He is now chilled out and enjoying a game of mobile rummy while his briefcase is now swirling around on the baggage carousel. Indeed, when you are stressed, the only mantra to relax is ‘Baaki Chhodo Rummy Khelo!’

Our second video features Rajpal Yadav in a completely never-seen-before avatar. Watch the video yourself to know what we are talking about!

If you think your male friends are shy and awkward towards girls, you have got to see this video! A gang of girls step out of a nightclub and ask the security guard to take their photos. It would seem to be a completely normal scenario, but we have a plot twist. The security guard is Rajpal Yadav who is socially awkward with girls.

He agrees to click a pic, and the girls pose in front of the camera. The girls surround Rajpal Yadav to check the pic that he just clicked. Of course, girls can never be happy with only one picture of themselves! Rajpal got visibly awkward and stressed with so many girls surrounding him. They ask for more pictures. By now, his stress levels are high!

While trying to take a new snap for the girls, his eyes light up to see the Junglee Rummy app on the phone. Within seconds, all his stress vanishes, and he starts playing a game of mobile rummy. The girls are left confused, wondering if he is taking their video. Rajpal Yadav now feels more relaxed, all because of the secret mantra, ‘Baaki Chhodo, Rummy Khelo!’