13 card vs 21 card rummy

13-Card Rummy Vs 21-Card Rummy

Two players were arguing with each other about Rummy. One advocated that 13-Card Rummy is more exciting than 21-Card Rummy, while the other defended his claim that 21-Card Rummy is the best.....

This debate is interesting but if you were to decide, which would you pick? Difficult to choose, isn’t it? Let’s settle this debate here.

The objective of both 13-Card Rummy and 21-Card Rummy is the same: to arrange all the cards in sets and sequences to make a valid hand. However, there are some basic differences that make each version unique in its gameplay. Let us see the differences in detail:

Number of Cards Dealt

As their names suggest, 13 and 21 cards are dealt to each player in 13-Card Rummy and 21-Card Rummy respectively. As there are eight cards fewer in 13-Card Rummy, it is much faster than 21-Card Rummy.

Number of Decks Matters

13-Card Rummy is usually played with up to 2 decks of cards, while 21-Card Rummy is played with 3 decks of cards. The addition of one deck in 21-Card Rummy makes it more complex as there will be three sets of a single card. So, one needs more strategies in 21-Card Rummy.

Pure Sequences

In 13-Card Rummy, you need to form one pure sequence along with another sequence to win. However, in 21-Card Rummy, you need a minimum of 3 pure sequences. Thus, 13-Card Rummy is much easier than the 21-Card variant.


Jokers play the same role in both the variants, which is to replace any card to form sets or sequences. However, 21-Card Rummy has value cards in addition to Jokers; they function as Jokers and carry extra points that could change the game. Plus, the feature of the marriage hand - a hand including all the value cards - makes the version more competitive.

Note: Junglee Rummy no longer offers 21-card rummy. However, you can enjoy other rummy variants on our platform.