Online Rummy Vs Offline Rummy

Online Rummy Vs Offline Rummy

Ever wondered what makes online rummy different from offline rummy? You could easily say the former is played on the Internet while the other with physical cards in real world. But what if someone asked you to differentiate further?

There is only one way to find out: play them both to make accurate distinctions. Well, if these questions have already intrigued you, we have all the answers for you! Here are some basic differences between online rummy and its offline counterpart:

Availability of Games

This is perhaps the biggest distinction between online and offline rummy games. A game of rummy can only be played if there are a proper number of card decks and the right number of players. Online rummy provides an easy access to games as all you need to do is to connect to the Internet and join a table — there is no hassle of finding cards or visiting your friend’s place. However, one small thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a good Internet speed. An intermittent or slow Internet connection could spoil the action and fun.

Time Management

The real test of skills takes place when you are on the clock. A serious offline rummy competition could make you sweat, but there is always some flexibility of time during your turn. However, in online rummy, you are not spared! You have to make your decisions within the stipulated time. If you fail to make your move on time, you miss your turn. The action will shift to your immediate opponent, and you may always repent on the lost opportunity. This is what makes online rummy far more competitive than offline rummy.

Monetary Opportunities

Online rummy is the players’ favorite when it comes to playing for money. Junglee Rummy has a range of low-stakes tables and high-stakes tables that never run out of players. A fixed money-value structure and fair play policies make online rummy a great means of earning real money with one’s card skills. On the other hand, cash offline rummy games do not take place as often as online rummy. This is primarily due to the fact that rummy is played for entertainment in get-togethers and other social events. However, there are a few famous offline tournaments where the prize is staggeringly higher than online rummy, for example, the series of World Rummy Tournament which has over crores in the prize pool.

Scope of Bluffing

In most of the card games, bluffing plays an important role in manipulating your opponents’ moves. Although rummy is a game of skills, there is a good scope for bluffing in offline rummy. Unlike Poker, where players keep their cards face down, during rummy gameplay, players hold their cards and constantly shuffle them to arrange them in sequences and sets. Observant players observe their opponents’ hands carefully to find whether they have arranged any groups. This is where bluffing comes in— you can trick your opponents by making apparent moves of shuffling a group of four or five cards, suggesting that you have a strong sequence. Plus, with a bit of Hollywood imitation and deceptive chit chat, you can convince your opponents that you are going to win and force your opponents to drop. However, the scope for bluffing is limited in online rummy, as the only tool to communicate is the chat window, which is mostly ignored by the players.

On the basis of these differences between online and offline rummy, one can conclude that both are great ways of playing rummy. though online rummy is more competitive. But it depends on the situation you are in. If you are alone or want to play at different tables and levels, why not enjoy rummy online ?