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Junglee Rummy on Mobile

How is 10 Card Rummy played?

The game of 10 Card Points Rummy is played by 2 to 6 players. The game uses one or two standard decks of 52 cards plus printed Jokers. Each player has to deposit an amount as stakes on the table and play for points, which have a pre-decided rupee value.

A toss is made to decide the player who will make the first move. Ten cards are dealt to each player in a clockwise direction, and a wild joker is selected randomly from the remaining cards.

After the cards are dealt to every player, the remaining cards are placed face down on the table. They form the closed deck. The topmost card of the pack is placed face up nearby to form the open deck.

Similar to 13-Card Rummy, the objective of players is to pick and discard cards and arrange their cards in sets and sequences.

10 Card Rummy Game Objective

You need to make one pure sequence and arrange the remaining cards into sequences or sets. Once the objective is achieved, you need to discard one of your cards to the Finish Slot and declare your hand. If all your cards are grouped in valid sequences and sets, your score is zero and declares valid hand, you win the game.

How is the score calculated in 10 Card Points Rummy?

Winner’s Score

The player who arranges their cards in valid sets and sequences, with zero points and declares valid hand, wins the game.

Wrong Declare

A player who declares an invalid hand gets 60 points, and the game continues until one of the players emerges as the winner.

Calculating Scores in 10 Card Points Rummy

Point calculation is the final aspect of the game. Losing players get points equal to the total value of their unmatched cards. Every card is worth a certain number of points, which is as follows:

  • • The Aces of all suits are worth 10 points each.
  • • The Kings of all suits are worth 10 points each.
  • • The Queens of all suits are worth 10 points each.
  • • The Jacks of all suits are worth 10 points each.

All other cards are worth points printed on them. For example, card 2 of each suit is worth 2 points, and card 6 of each suit is worth 6 points. Each Joker (both Wild and Printed) is worth zero points.

In case, a player does not have a pure sequence in his hand, then the points of all their cards are added up, including matched cards. A player can lose by a maximum of 60 points in this game.

How are winnings calculated in 10 Card Rummy?

Winnings in 10-Card Rummy are calculated by using the simple formula given below:

Winnings = (Sum of the points of all the opponents) X (Rupee value of the point) – Junglee Rummy Fee
For example, you are playing at a 4-player table with ?1 per point value and you win the game. You will win all the cash lost by all your opponents. If the three players lose by 20, 25 and 40 points respectively, your winnings will be calculated as follows:
1 x (20 + 25 + 40) = Rs. 85 (To keep the calculation simple, we have not included the Junglee Rummy fee.)
The winnings will be credited to your account immediately after deducting the Junglee Rummy Fee.

What’s the maximum points a player can lose by?

A player can get maximum 60 points in 10-Card Points Rummy irrespective of the cards that the player holds. Thus, on a Rs. 2/point table, a player can lose maximum Rs. 120 in a game.

How does the Drop feature work in 10 Card Points Rummy?

Every player has the option to drop out of the game during their turn. To drop, a player has to click on the “Drop” button.

First Drop

If a player drops on their very first turn, without picking a card, he/she loses by 15 points.

Middle Drop

If a player drops at any stage after his/her first turn, he/she loses by 30 points.

Consecutive Misses

If a player misses three consecutive turns, he/she is automatically dropped out of a 10-Card Rummy game and he/she loses by 30 points.