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Along with providing free rummy games to play online, we at Junglee Rummy also familiarize our users with the different variations of online rummy games. On Junglee Rummy, you not only enjoy Indian Rummy online but can also try your hand at other rummy variations like Bing Rummy and Gin Rummy, which are equally exciting.

Bing Rummy is believed to have been invented in the mining towns of Alaska. Like other variations of rummy, Bing Rummy is played by 2 to 8 players, and two standard 52-card decks are used without any Jokers. The game starts with a player cutting the deck, also known as “cut for a deuce”, and distributing 14 cards to each player. All the remaining cards are then placed face down to form the draw pile and the top card is opened to form the discard pile. Just like the way you play Indian Rummy online, players need to draw a card from the draw pile, and discard a card to the discard pile. However, what makes Bing Rummy different from Indian Rummy is that a player cannot meld cards on the same turn in which they draw or pick a card from the discard pile. The first time a player melds cards, he/she has to play at least three sets, for example K?, K?, K?; 8?, 9?, 10?; 3?, 3?, 3?, 3?. During the first meld or anytime later, a player can play cards on any other meld on the table.

When a player melds all the 14 cards, the other players count the points in their hands. Face cards carry 10 points each, Aces have 15 points each, and the other cards have the same points as their numerical value. The total is added to the running score of the players, and if the score exceeds 76, the player has to buy in chips to continue playing.