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Gin Rummy Online

Gin rummy is one of the widely played online rummy games in the world. The game is said to have evolved from Whisky Poker, as the gameplay is faster than most of the other forms of online rummy games. The game is so popular that it has many variants of its own like Hollywood Gin, Straight Gin, and Oklahoma Gin.

Cards and Players

Gin rummy is played between two players with a standard deck of 52 cards. Each player is dealt with 10 cards and they need to improve their hands by melding cards to form sets and sequences and eliminating unmatched cards.

Card Points

Aces of all suits have 1 point
Face Cards like Kings, Queens and Jacks have 10 points
All other cards have the same points as their numerical value. For example, a 5 of spades has 5 points.
One distinctive aspect of the game is that Aces have low point value and can be used to form sequences with 2 and 3; however, it cannot be used to form sequence with Kings and Queens.

Objective of the Game

You need to group the cards in your hand into sets and sequences with the least point value of the unmatched cards. The process of forming sets and sequences is called melding and the unmatched cards are called as deadwood cards.

Game Play

You need to have to draw a card from either closed or open deck and then discard one of the cards on the closed deck. The process off picks and discards continue until one player ends the game of online rummy by knocking or going Gin.

Knocking and Going Gin

In most of the Gin Rummy games online, a player can knock when he/she has 10 or less points of deadwood cards. When you knock with 0 points of deadwood cards, it is called as going Gin and if you knock with deadwood points, it is called as going down. The player with no deadwood cards may choose not to knock in order to accomplish Big Gin and get more points with an additional card making the hand of 11 cards. Online rummy games players can knock by announcing that he/she is knocking by placing the discarded card face down in the open deck.

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