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We offer online free rummy games on JungleeRummy.com. Moreover, we also familiarize you with the variations of online rummy games which are very different from online Indian Rummy games. Learn the unique online rummy game variation called Rumino, an intense game of knock rummy.

Rumino is played by up to 6 players with two standard decks of cards and 4 additional Jokers, total 108 cards. The objective of the game is to keep your score as low as possible and burden other players with points and push them to over 100 points. 7 cards are dealt to each player and the remaining cards are placed face down to form a closed deck. One card from the closed deck is placed face up to form an open deck. Players need to draw cards from the closed deck and discard one card to the open deck to make combinations of three or four card “lays” of sets and sequences. All the points of the extra, unused cards in the player’s hand are calculated and one can knock when the total value of the cards in one’s hand is 7 points or less than that. All the face cards have 10 points each; Aces have 1 point each and the other cards have points based on the numerical value.

A player can announce “gin” if the player draws a lay of 4 and another lay of 3 and scores 10 points. If a player goes for gin for the first three consecutive hands, he/she wins the game. A player can hit “rumino” if he/sheforms a sequence of 7 cards. Again, if the player holds 6 cards to rumino, he can pick a card discarded by his/her opponents even if it’s not his turn.

Players get eliminated when they score more than 100 points. However, one can rebuy and get back to the game, provided at least two other players are in the game. No rebuys are allowed if a player hits rumino.

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