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Rummikub is a rummy variation, a combined form of rummy and Mah-jong, played by 2–4 players and popular in Europe and the Americas. The game was invented by a Jew named Hertzano in 1930s and he later commercialized the game to the other parts of the world. The game became the bestseller in the US in the late 70s. The game won the German Game of the Year award in 1980 and the Dutch Game of the Year award in 1983.

The rules of Rummikub are derived from the rules of both rummy and Mah-jong. The game is played with tiles instead of playing cards, which makes it easy for calculation of points.

Here are the rules of Rummikub:

Rummikub uses 106 tiles, which are numbered 1–13 and two Joker tiles. The tiles are of 4 different colors: red, yellow, black and blue. All the tiles are first placed on a table randomly face down. A game between two players starts when the two players pick a tile each from the sack. The player who gets a tile carrying higher points starts the game. Then the two tiles are placed back on the table face down and the players pick 14 random tiles each and arrange them in groups and runs on the Rummikub rack. “Set” is the common name for groups and runs.

A group is a combination of at least 3 tiles with different colors but the same value. For example, Blue 5, Yellow 5, Black 5, Red 5.

A run is a combination of tiles of the same color but with 3 or more consecutive numbers. For example, Blue 3, Blue 4, Blue 5, Blue 6.

A player must make his/her first move with a group or run carrying at least 30 points in total. If the total points of the group/run are less than 30, the player has to draw a tile from the table and add it to his rack, though he/she cannot make another move until his/her next turn. This continues until any of the players’ tiles add up to 30 points. Once the first meld is made, a player can group sets or runs as he wants. If he can’t, then he has to draw a tile from the table and add it to his/her rack.

The game continues until all the tiles are used in the rack, which is known as Rummikub. Once the winner is declared, the losing player’s points are added to the winner’s cumulative score.

The game of Rummikub is simple. With the addition of rummy rules and Jokers, the game becomes more interesting. If you want to know more about Rummikub and online rummy games, visit www.jungleerummy.com, where you can have unlimited entertainment and get lots of rewards.