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Ruckus: A Rummy Variation for Kids

Ruckus is a variation of the rummy card game enjoyed by children all over the world. Both kids and adults can understand the rules and guidelines of the game very easily. As some rummy variations are played with real cash and are meant for people aged 21 or above, kids can’t play those variations. To learn the basics of those cash rummy variations and to have a good time with friends and classmates, kids can try Kids’ Rummy or Ruckus.

The rules of Ruckus are very simple and similar to the rules of Shanghai Rummy and Gin Rummy. In Ruckus, the dealer deals seven cards to each player. If a player has two cards of the same value, he/she can add a pile face up on his/her side of the table. If any other player has the same value card, he/she can place that on the pile and take the whole pile to his/her side. Once the game stops or all the cards are played, the dealer deals the next set of seven cards to the players. The game continues until all the cards are dealt and every player’s cards are piled up. The player with the most cards on his pile wins the ruckus game.

In order to make your pile of cards in Ruckus, you might need to steal from the other players’ cards, which will cause a lot of debates and engagement. This fast-paced rummy variation for children is excellent entertainment for those kids who don’t have much patience and are more into computer games than the conventional indoor board and card games.