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Understanding Three Thirteen Rummy

Three Thirteen Rummy is an exciting variation of classic rummy games. It is played with two or more players with two decks of playing cards. Three Thirteen Rummy has lots of similarities with other rummy variations like the aspects of discarding and melding cards.

Objective of the Game

The objective of Three Thirteen Rummy is to meld all the cards into sets or sequences. After all the cards are distributed to each player, the game begins when the player to the left of the dealer draws a card from the discard or stock pile. A wild card is designated at the beginning of every round which can used to replace any other card to make sequence or set.


After all the cards are distributed, the top card from the deck is revealed to form the discard pile and the remaining cards is placed face down to form the Open deck. Through the process of picking and discarding cards, players need to meld all of the cards into sets or sequences. Once a player melds all the cards in proper sets and sequences, he “goes out” and the remaining players are given one more chance to draw cards to form better groups in their hand. The winner of the rummy game is the player who accumulates the fewest points till the end.

Points in Three Thirteen Rummy

When a game ends, each of the player’s cards is calculated according to the points carried in their hand cards. Face cards have 10 points while other cards have points according to their numerical value. There are many variations of the game itself that have different points value. In some rummy rules Aces are used as high or low cards and sequences with unarranged Aces are penalized with 15 points. Certain rules assign 11 points to Jacks, 12 for Queens and 13 points for Kings.

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