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Tong-its Rummy

Tong-its is a unique variation of rummy games, which is very popular in the islands of Philippines. This rummy variation gained immense popularity in Luzon, the largest island Philippines during the 1990s and bears close resemblance with Tonk Rummy.

Just like the other variations of rummy games, Tong-its Rummy is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. You need to meld by forming sets and sequences to get rid of all the cards in your hand. The process of melding cards is called as ‘Bahay’ in Tong-its Rummy. The first player who gets rid of all the cards in hand or has the least number of points after the central stack empties wins the game.

Tong-its Rummy has many variations that have different game rules. However, the basics remain the same for each variation. Here is a brief description on the general gameplay of Tong-its Rummy.

Tong-its is a three-player rummy game. Each rummy player is dealt 12 cards and the rest of the cards are placed to form the central deck. What makes Tong-its different from other online rummy cash games is that the dealer gets 13 cards. The game begins after a card from the stack of cards is placed face down to form the discard pile. Players need to either pick up from the discard pile or draw a card from the central stack. This process goes on until a player melds all the hand cards or the central stack runs out of cards. If the central stack goes empty, the points of all players are calculated, and the player with the lowest points wins the game.

The points carried by the cards are almost similar to other rummy games. Aces have one point while Jacks, Queens and Kings have 10 points each. All other numbered cards have the same point as their face value, for example, 4 of Spades has four points, 10 of clubs has 10 points.

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