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Tonk Rummy

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In this article, you can enrich your knowledge on a unique rummy variation called as Tonk Rummy. Tonk Rummy is relatively a fast variation of classic rummy games that combines the features of Knock Rummy and Conquian. The game can be played for a brief period of time with varying number of players. Due to the fast gameplay, it is played as a popular card game played during pastime in most of the countries.

The game is usually played for money with three to five players where each player has to pay an agreed amount of stake. The stake is usually less, which varies from a nickel to twenty dollars, and is commonly placed during breaks in workplaces. A standard deck of 52 cards is used for the game, and each player is dealt three, five or twelve cards, depending on the number of players. Face cards have 10 points and other cards have value according to their numerical value.

The rummy game starts when the dealer reveals the first card of the un-dealt deck after the cards are dealt to every player, to form the discard pile. The remaining cards are placed face down to form the stock pile. Players need to find the sum of the points in their hand; if a player has 50 points in the hand, he/she has to say “tonk” to win the double money from each player.

The objective of the game is to get rid of all of the cards by laying the cards in suits and sets. The game gets over when a player lays off all the cards on the table or when all the players decide to end the game. When the game is stopped, the player with the least number of points wins the rummy game.

As you have seen, Tonk Rummy is not very different from your favourite 13 cards rummy. Play this exciting variation with your friends and become the master of all rummy games!