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Tri Card Game

Explore the fascinating world of JungleeRummy.com and learn all the card games. On JungleeRummy.com, you not only play rummy games but also learn new rummy variations and other card games. Learn a new game today, the Tri Card game, and share the joy of playing the game with your friends!

The Tri Card game has many similarities with 13 Card Rummy – both are card-matching games and the points system plays an important part in determining the outcome in both the games. The Tri Card game was developed quite recently, in April 2001, by Will M. Baker and Pete Richert. The game was developed in an attempt to create a variation of traditional rummy, which is cooperative in its gameplay. The game is played by two or three players and the players aim to achieve at least 65 net points in one suit.

The Tri Card game is quite similar to Gin Rummy as the players in this game also take turns to draw cards from the discard pile or the draw pile while attempting to isolate a suit to collect high ranking cards worth at least 65 points. What makes the game different from the other variations of rummy is that it is played with a special deck of cards containing five suits, usually Stars, Fire, Skulls and Broc, numbered from 1 to 13 with a wild card. Each player is dealt 6 cards and they need to arrange four cards of the same suit in their hand. Players have the option to draw a card from the discard pile or the draw pile and discard a card to the discard pile.

The game ends when any player, through draws and discards, arranges four cards of the same suit in his/her hand. The player then declares the game by saying “Tri” after making “Tried Suit.” The scores are calculated by adding up all the points of the face values of the cards in the tried suit and subtracting that total from the half sub-total of the face value of the cards that are not in the Tried Suit. A players wins the game if his/her total points equal or exceed 65.

So, get a special suit of cards to play the Tri Card game with your friends and experience the excitement. Learn new rummy variations and other card games on JungleeRummy.com and have unlimited fun!