21 Card Rummy Rules [Infographic]


21 Card rummy, also known as Indian Marriage rummy is an interesting variation of rummy. It is played with three decks of cards and players are dealt 21 cards each. The concept of the game is fascinating as there are new card melding concepts like Tunnela and Dublee that adds to the excitement.

The popularity of 21 card rummy in India has increased ever since the advent of online card games. The traditional 21 card rummy demanded the players to hold 21 cards in their hands. This was a setback for many. But with best rummy sites in India like Junglee Rummy 😉 players can easily access the game online and play it on the go!

So, if you are interested in learning the 21 cards rummy rules, check out the Infographic below.

How to play 21 cards rummy - Infographic

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