3 Games Indians Play for Cash


Games have become an integral part of India ever since the dawn of affordable smartphones. Earlier the Indian gaming industry had nothing to contribute as the percentage of gamers was low. However, the situation has changed dramatically, and the industry has evolved as one of fastest growing game industry in the world. Social card games are the revenue driving games in the industry. Below are the three games that Indians play for cash.

Play online games for cash

Fantasy Sports

Lately, fantasy sports have increased the popularity among the Indian audience. A fantasy sport is an online game where players create imaginary or virtual teams of real players of a particular sport. It is a type of online contest, and the winners of the competition will receive a share of the pre-defined prize pool that is funded by the entry fee. Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy football are the two primary online fantasy sports variant played in India for cash.

Online Rummy

Classic Indian Rummy is the most popular online card game in the list. Players can easily open an account with Junglee Rummy and start playing rummy online for cash. As Rummy is a game of skill, players can use their skills to overpower their opponents and win cash prizes. Players can also take part in free-roll tournaments that are hosted on our site to play and win big for free!

Online Poker

Poker is similar to the Indian card game ‘Teen Patti’. Since the game has similarities to Teen Patti, people started noticing the game. Now many online poker sites offer players with high-quality gaming poker gaming experience. Players can use their skill and win cash in online poker tournaments. Multiple variants of poker are hosted online.

So, if you are looking for an exciting game to play and win cash, pick your favourite from the list. These games will allow using your skills to earn money. So, convert your free time to cash time with these online games!

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