3 Mistakes that Decide your Fate on Online Rummy


Rummy is a game of skill and even a slightest of mistake in reading your hand or accessing your card can become so costly. If you are a beginner in playing rummy, you are bound to make mistakes which can in turn help you learn the game also. Not just the basic players but also the professional players fail to access their cards and play accordingly which makes them lose a big amount of real cash.

rummy mistakes

In this article, we will be talking about the 3 mistakes that you should avoid in order to win more as well as to polish your game to next level.

Playing Each and Every Hand

Playing each and every hand makes the top of our top 3 mistakes. Each and every rummy player has done this mistake at least once in his career and the faster he learns about this mistake, the better it is. When the 13 cards are dealt, you should just arrange the card and know the probabilities of getting the reminder of cards to make melds. If you are having no joker card to start with along with zero connection cards for sequences, it will be so hard to complete a game as soon as possible. In this situations, it’s better to drop out of the game at the beginning itself.

When to Drop and When to Play

When it comes to a skill game like rummy, you should always decide to drop or play depending on the 13 cards you get. It’s recommended to drop out of a game if you are not getting any joker card or even if you can’t connect a single sequence at first, either with or without joker cards. But most people continue to play hoping to get a good card either from the open deck or closed.

To make this decision much easier, if you are not getting any good cards at first, play two more hands. If your opponents are successfully picking cards from the open deck then you will have very less probability of winning the game and by accessing the same, you can middle drop.

Having Zero Patience

Rummy is a game that needs your patience and often tests it also in variety of ways. From the time the 13 cards are dealt to you to making a pure sequence to waiting for your opponent’s turn to end, patience is somewhat an essential ingredient a player should play with if he wants to play rummy. In the game of rummy, you can’t expect a win on every game as only one winner comes out of each table. Each player has to patiently web his strategy and master his skill to earn a win on rummy tables. So, keep this in mind next time you join any rummy tables.

Now as you know how to avoid these mistakes, how about joining the online rummy tables now for some unlimited fun as well as practicing? To learn more advanced strategies of rummy, visit here or just mail us at [email protected] for 24×7 player support.

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