Take a note of these 5 Trending Online Card Games of the Season


Online card games have become a great source of entertainment for people across the world. With Poker and Rummy leading the industry, the internet has been a significant influence on their popularity. Today, online formats like rummy for cash have found a new creed of players who would not only like some entertainment but also consider it as an investment.

5 trending card games

Take a look at five trending online card games of the season.

#1: Poker

It is the most popular card game in the world. It is a game which requires a combination of skills – mental skills, strategy and a bit of gambling. Betting is an intrinsic part of poker. Recently with the advent of online poker games, poker enthusiasts can play the game from the comforts of their homes. With live television broadcasts of world tournaments and other international poker events, poker has gained unprecedented popularity in the recent years.

#2: Rummy

Inching closer with poker in terms of popularity is Rummy. It is a card game so popular that people irrespective of their age and gender people enjoying playing rummy. There are more than twenty variations of rummy that are recognised. Indian rummy, the popular variant in India, with its formats like free games or cash rummy has brought in a new vigour to the Indian gaming industry.

Online rummy is a hit among players who want to play rummy online win cash. The developments in information and digital technology have enabled rummy portals to offer the best in terms of gaming experience, user interface and, fair and transparent gaming environment for the players.

#3: Teen Patti

As the name suggests, this game is a ‘three cards’ game.It is a simplified version of poker and popular in South Asia. This game is purely based on gambling. Teen Patti is also a popular card game among Indian online gamers. Unlike rummy which is a skill based game, Teen Patti is a game dependent on chance/ luck.  Regarding popularity, Teen Patti has the player base predominantly from India.

#4: Bridge

Contract bridge or simply bridge is yet another favourite card game across the world. Popular mostly among senior generation, it is played by four players in groups of two. With the advent of the online bridge and several tournaments of international repute, ‘bridge’ is witnessing a growth in its fan following across the world.

#5: Solitaire

Also known in Patience in USA and Canada, Solitaire is perhaps the only card game that can be played by a single player. The game involves sorting of cards in a particular way. Solitaire is not new to people who have been using desktops as it was one the free preloaded games available. Today, there are several versions of online Solitaire available with many exciting features to the game.


Online card games are the future. Take note – get set play.

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