5 Ways to Earn Cash With What You Love


We are living in a world of massive opportunities. Many people are unaware of the possibilities surrounding them and are stuck in the wrong job. However, the truth is that you can get paid by doing the things that you love. The internet has opened a broad range of opportunities, and it is your chance to seize it and make it big!  Below are some of the ways to get paid while doing what you love.

#1 Sell Stuff Online – E-commerce

E commerce for money

Are you good in baking, do you love designing dress? You can start to sell your products via an Ecommerce store. Start a Facebook page, post pictures of your produce, get people to follow your page and start selling via social media and your website. It is cheap and straightforward to set up an e-commerce store especially with services like ‘Shopify’ where you can start right away without any prior coding experience.

#2 Be a Travel Blogger

Make Money by Blogging

Do you love to travel? You can earn by being a travel blogger! That being said, you need to invest your time and effort to visit places and creatively present your travel blogs. You can also use social media to leverage your blog and get more people to follow your blog. You can take astonishing pictures of the locations you love and add to your blog and post on Instagram to get more people to follow you. You can quickly start a blog using WordPress or Blogger platforms and earn through advertisements by applying for Google Adsense account.

#3 Vlog on YouTube

Make Money with YouTube Vlogging

Similar to Blogging, Vlogging (Video Blogging) is the most trending topic of 2017. Grab a selfie stick and start recording your adventure and earn money! Interact with the viewers through your videos and make your Vlogs interesting for your audience. You can Vlog your interest or your passion, if you have a hobby or if you love travelling; record it and post your videos on YouTube. You can monetize your videos, and you can get paid for the views you gather on YouTube.

#4 Play Online Rummy

Play Rummy for Real Cash

Do you have the skill to defeat your opponents in a game of rummy? You can convert your rummy skills into cash by playing rummy online! You can start an account with Junglee Rummy and start playing rummy for cash. Our highly secure online gaming environment will offer you an opportunity to play cash rummy games without a hitch. If you are new to rummy, you can start off with our practice tables; Play Classical Rummy Online for Free at Junglee Rummy!

#5 Be a Professional Photographer

Earn Money with Photography

Do you love to take amazing photographs? You can sell your photos through stock image websites and get paid. You can also earn money by working for local newspapers and make money by providing photos related to their news stories. You can also work and get paid as a club photographer wherein you take pictures from nightclubs to promote them on social media.

The opportunities are endless. It’s all about chasing your dream and doing what you love. Remember you just have one life!

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