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6 Things a Rummy Player Can Learn From CSK Captain MS Dhoni


IPL is back! As the teams compete with each other for the coveted title, for some watching their favorite team shatter the opponents is a treat to the eyes. For the losing team fans, it is just despair and a deep sigh. Despite the razzmatazz associated with the game, there is one such player, the Chennai Super Kings’ Captain MS Dhoni, who is a volcano of talent. He is the only captain in world cricket to have won all the ICC trophies under his captaincy.

As a free rummy player, there are certain cool things you could learn from Captain Cool that will help you in approaching rummy better.

  1. Prioritize right

    During several occasions in the past when there were instances of important developments on his personal front, he never abandoned the team nor sought leave. This goes to show his firm priorities. Similarly, as a rummy player, get your priorities – pure sequence, impure sequence, and the meld the rest of the cards. Such approach will only bear success and nothing less than that.

  1. Set your eyes on the goal

    As a smart cricketer, his planning was few steps ahead. Even the spontaneous decisions and actions seemed part of a well-thought-out plan. In online free rummy card game too, as a player, you need to develop that remarkable ability to think ahead of your opponent. This is possible only when you keep a close watch on your opponent’s game and never let your focus wander away from your goal.

  1. Plan your strategy with an element of flexibility

    Dhoni is a player extraordinaire who has a strategy in mind and ensures he puts it to work. However, with his uncanny vision of the game, he always makes room for flexibility in his plans to accommodate for contingencies. If you are a rummy player, plan your strategies with an element of flexibility in order to tackle surprise moves by your opponents.

  1. Observe what your competitors are doing to learn

    Dhoni is known for his amazing ability to understand his opponents. Whether it is to succeed in life or a game of rummy, a better understanding of your opponent will help you plan your strategies according to your strengths and the weakness of your opponent’s too.

  1. Keep your cool

    Maintaining his cool even under highly stressful conditions is the trademark style of Dhoni. Similarly, at free rummy games, when you encounter highly stressful situations, do not lose your cool. It is imperative that you maintain a calm posture. Rummy games are strategy based. If you lose your cool, you may not be able to plan the right strategic move and risk losing the game.

  2. Never give up

    Despite several odds against him, Dhoni led his journey of success to where he is today. The sheer grit and optimism to not give up, placed him in a really enviable position today. At online free rummy card game too, if you experience a string of losses that definitely isn’t the end of the road. It simply means you need to rework, perhaps a little harder in order to turn over the table. Optimism has the ability to beat failure.


It’s impossible to be another MS Dhoni, but it is fairly possible to imbibe his qualities and be victorious.

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