Beat lockdown boredom

8 Tips to Beat Lockdown Boredom


The novel coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, and social distancing happens to be the only remedy for this super communicable disease. Major countries of the world, including India, have imposed lockdown to break the chain. 

It’s been two weeks since the lockdown started in India, and the boredom has already started setting in. Most of you must be tired of sleeping, eating and doing nothing all day. Things might seem like doom and gloom, but hey, you can always experiment with new things to fight quarantine ennui.

Here’s a breakdown of 8 things to do to kick away boredom during this crisis:

Finish That Unread Book

So when was the last time you picked up a book to read? For some people, it might be forever! Well, you don’t need to be a bookworm to start reading. Since it’s all about killing boredom during the complete lockdown, book reading can be a great solution. Now is the right time to wipe that grimy bookshelf and start reading your favorite book. It can be a great exercise for your brain. You can also read news articles, magazines, comics, and ebooks to kill the time. 

Finish Unread Book

Start a Workout Routine

Let’s get real. Besides working from home, most people are hogging food, sitting around and sleeping for the rest of the day! As gyms are closed down, you are more likely to gain weight, which can give rise to health problems. Nevertheless, you can start a workout routine in the comfort of your home. Home workout can be challenging but it can help you stay healthy and shed that flab on your body. You can watch video tutorials and follow a schedule daily.

Learn New Skills

Lockdown is becoming enforced leisure for people across the globe! So why not use it as an opportunity to add value to your life? Many people are caught up in their lives and they miss out on learning new things. You can utilize this time to learn painting, playing the guitar, learn a new language, etc. Professionals can take up an online course to upgrade their skills and broaden their horizons. 

Learn New Skills

Play Games Online 

Gaming is an indisputable leisure activity among people of all age groups. You can play indoor games like chess, badminton, ludo, card games, etc. Nowadays online gaming is a rage and you can play a wide variety of games at the tips of your fingers. 

From online rummy games to battle royals, you can play them all with your friends and family. Furthermore, if you want to make quick money, you can play rummy cash games online and win big cash! So what are you waiting for? Register today and start winning real money online!

Watch Your Favorite Movies

After Dalgona coffee, Netflix is the hottest trend in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can make the most of this time to catch up with new movies, series, sitcoms and documentaries. Moreover, binge-watching your favorite shows is a great way to kill a couple of hours at a go. Make sure to get enough snacks before you become glued to your television or laptop.

Watch Your Favorite Movies

Take Out Your Dancing Shoes

When you have nothing else to do, you can always turn up the music and move your body! Dancing is a great alternative to beat lockdown boredom. It is a refreshing activity that helps you stay fit and elevates your mood. Watch online dance videos and follow the steps, or just dance it out your way. While you are at it, sing along for a memorable dance sesh!

Declutter Your Home

If you have always been planning to clean your home but never got the time, you can start it right away. You can start with your closet, living room, kitchen, bath, etc. We know cleaning can be a little overwhelming and exhausting, but the end result will be satisfactory. You can tag along your partner or children and work as a team to achieve the feat. In the process, you may also discover some hidden treasures in your home!

Practice Meditation 

Mindful meditation is a great stress reliever. As the COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of stress and worries, you can meditate for 15-20 minutes every day to stay calm and peaceful. It will allow you to focus more on yourself and your well-being. You can also concentrate on venturing into a new business, learning new skills, spending time with your family, etc.

Can you think of any other great ways to survive lockdown boredom? Let us know in the comment section below.

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