How to Become a Pro Indian Rummy Player


Becoming a pro Indian rummy payer is all about playing with discipline. With practice, you can always upgrade your gaming style to that of a pro. Playing with confidence is the key to become a pro rummy player. There are many highly skilled players who are playing at the high roller tables of Junglee Rummy. Once you have the skill and confidence, you can always try playing at the cash tables.


Junglee Rummy provides our players with a fully optimised rummy tutorial section. You can always try and learn from our tutorials and strategies and try to improvise your skills. To learn the latest rummy strategies, you can also check out our blog where we update the latest techniques and strategies to win the game. Below are some of the tips to become a pro rummy player

Know When to Fold Your Cards

There are some basic things that you should know while trying to become a pro Indian rummy player. Most important thing is that you should have a clear idea on the cards that you are holding. You should also be able to calculate the odds of winning the game just by analysing your cards. If you have that overview, it will be easy for you to decide when to fold your hands. Folding is an intelligent move to decrease your points. The aggressive Indian rummy players always find ways to improve their hands and keep on playing. Once you are a wise player, you will know when to fold your hand.

There are pro players who fold their hands before making the first move which helps them to gain minimum points. You get more points if you fold your hands after making a move, still if you figure that you are unable to make finish the game after a certain point of time it is optimal to fold your cards.

Spotting the Newbie

As a pro player, you would always want to closely monitor the cards that are discarded by the opponents. It may sometimes be confusing to you by the cards that are picked and discarded by some players. The newbie players may sometime pick up the cards that are of least significance to them and may discard the cards that the opponent is dying for. So it is important to spot the newbie in the table. If you do that you can be sure that you are not confused by trying to read their hands.

Also note that there are pro rummy players who confuse other players by bluffing when you try to read their hands. You should not mistake such players for a newbie. If you know how to differentiate the pro player and newbie, you can be successful in reading the hands of your opponents. If you have an overview on what cards your competitors are holding, you will have an extra edge in winning the game.

Know which cards to discard

This also comes under the basic rummy rules, but to be a pro rummy player you need to know what cards you discard. While you discard, you should make sure that the card is of least importance to you or your competitor. You can know about the status of the cards that your opponent is holding by taking a close look into the discard section and also the open deck.

For example, if your competitor has picked a high card from the open deck, make sure that you do not discard a high card close to what your opponent has drawn. The basic strategy of rummy would suggest that you should discard your high cards first to reduce your points. But being a pro rummy player you should know what cards does your opponent needs from you and act accordingly.

Picking Your Cards

As a pro, you know that reading the cards in one of the best way to overpower your opponents. But there are chances that your opponent also does the same.  This is when you really have to be smart. While picking your cards, make sure that you pick up from the closed deck at first so that your competitors have minimal idea on the cards you are holding.

When the game advances, you can trick your opponents by picking up cards constantly from the open deck. This will make an impression that you are about to win the game. Being a pro rummy player is all about making right decisions in the correct point of time.

Hope you have enjoyed the techniques that are implemented by the pro rummy players. You can also try these techniques while playing. Make sure that you practice carefully to execute this perfectly. If you have any queries on the tournaments hosted at Junglee Rummy, please do let us know.

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