Some Cool Facts About Rummy Game!

Rummy is a game that became so popular after becoming online. There are so many facts about this game over the years that will keep you fascinated. Some of the cool facts about rummy game are given below:rummy game

  1. Still nobody is able to find on which century or at which place the game got originated. Some say, the game originated in the 19th century somewhere in Spain from a card game called Conquian, but it is still under debate.
  2. Some also say that Rummy originated from the French Poker.
  3. It is also said that Rummy might have been derived from Mahjong, a Chinese game played with tiles.
  4. The name Rummy is taken from Rum Poker which makes Rummy a distant relative of the famous Poker game.
  5. There are over 20 variations to the original rummy game. Some of them are Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Canasta, Kalooki, Penang, Three Thirteen etc.
  6. The most common variation in India is Indian 13 Cards Rummy and in US it is Gin Rummy.
  7. Rummy is not a gambling game and therefore it is legal in many countries due to the skill factor involved.
  8. Rummy was played as a family game in early 1960’s till 70’s and the playtime was equal to that of all other board and card games combined.
  9. Gin Rummy was featured in most of the TV shows and movies in US in the early 70’s.
  10. Most people consider Rummy game as the mother of all card games as Bridge and Pinochle were derived from it.
  11. Still there is no record or statistics for the longest rummy game ever played, since it is played to a score of 500 points.

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