Cultural Facts About Rummy

Cultural Facts About Rummy You Didn’t Know


Almost everybody in India has heard about rummy, regardless of whether they have played the game or not. The game of rummy is ingrained in the culture of India and it’s part of our social life and culture.

So, to say that rummy isn’t just a game but an essential part of the Indian tradition wouldn’t be wrong.

Rummy’s Association with the Goddess of Wealth

Ever wondered why the game is played during festivals? That is because the game of classic Indian Rummy is a means to pay homage to the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.

Some believe that the goddess is pleased when a person shows his admiration to her by using his skills to earn wealth. This is the reason you find many people playing cash rummy games during important festivals in the country.

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Its Cultural Association with Social Bonding

Before the advancement of technology and invention of things such as the television, which has us glued to it today with families sitting together to enjoy their favorite shows and games, or the mobile phone, which we are addicted to, rummy was a game often played to facilitate interaction and bonding in the community.

However, rummy hasn’t lost its sheen even after the invention of things like the TV and the mobile on which we spend the bulk of our time these days. Rummy continues to play its part in social gatherings and is still an essential part of cultural meet-ups across India and will be so in the future too.

Food Bonds People and Rummy Strengthens the Bonding

Anyone who plays rummy knows that the game can be long and requires much patience. Therefore, typically you can see people enjoying their favorite snacks and beverages while enjoying the game.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that a game of rummy promotes all the bonhomie that’s created over food and conversations.

Culturally, rummy was and is still vital in the lives of an Indian – the game has always been an important part of the social fabric and will continue to be so in the future too. 

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