Do You Find Card Games Appealing? Here’s Why!


Card games are one of the most popular games across the world, and most of us have played them in one form or another. Most of us find card games pretty appealing.

Have you ever wondered why? Well, there may be many reasons why you never seem to get enough of rummy, but let us talk about some of the most probable reasons that have helped card games win so many lovers over the centuries.


The portability that card games offered even in old times was unrivaled by games like chess, ludo or any other board game because for the latter, people needed to carry a board, a dice or pieces etc., which was not always possible. However, to play rummy, all one needed was a deck of cards in their pocket, and they could have great fun playing the game with their friends.

It was because of portability that card games were extremely popular with sailors, soldiers and travelers centuries ago too. Even today, you will see people traveling on trains and buses playing cards rather than any other game.


Unlike board games, which often require a whole lot of setting up, a game of cards doesn’t require much of a setup. Moreover, card games are versatile as you can shuffle them up and move to a game of blackjack from rummy and vice versa in a matter of minutes.

Plus, you can play as long as you want without having to worry about getting bored as there are so many variations that there’s something for everyone.

Adaptability and Informality

Card games are very adaptable and have gone through many changes from one generation to another. Therefore, there are many variations with different rules to play rummy, for example, across regions and even families. Moreover, unlike other games, card games can be scaled up or down to match the challenge levels required to include both kids and expert players alike.

Balance of Chance and Skill

Another thing that makes card games more interesting is that they are not, unlike most of the dice games, entirely chance-based and neither are they excessively cerebral like chess. Card games maintain a great balance of chance and skill, which is something not many games will offer you.

People across the world have been fascinated with card games since time immemorial, which is why they exist in every part of the world in one form or another.

So, the next time someone wonders why they are attracted to a game of rummy, or whichever card game happens to be their favorite, you know what to say!

Until next time…

Keep Playing, Keep Winning!

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